Mo’cheddah Opens Up: “I Don’t Know How To Drive”


Petite singer — Mo’cheddah vanished for a while off the music scene, studying in Cyprus, before we knew it she was engaged.

The singer who became relevant again after she dropped her new single — Distinambari in a new interview with Leadership Newspaper has revealed that she does not know how to drive and she’s fully back to music.

She also said she never took a break from music because she was engaged and expecting a baby.

She revealed that she isn’t scared of any female musician because the sky is big enough for them all, and she only left her record label because she felt it was time to move on.

See excerpts below: –

There are gists that you were engaged and went away to have a baby?

No! I didn’t go away to have a baby and I don’t have any babies yet. I am not yet engaged either. Music is still my love for now. If you had a baby, would you not be proud of the child? Of course I’ll be proud of my baby. I have nieces and nephews I love so much, so I can’t hide a gift from God, I would never do that. I’m still very young.

Since you parted ways with your former record label, which record label are you now?

I am on my own now. I’m running my own record label now called Cheddah Music and it’s just me and my board of directors and the vision is to stay true and not to compromise who I am as a person and as an artiste.

What really went awry between you and your former record label?

Nothing really happened. My contract expired and they had taught me everything I needed to know and at the time when I left the record label, I made a decision to be on my own which also influenced the decision of me taking a break at that point.

Don’t you feel threatened with the number of successful female artistes in the industry now?

Not at all. You know, at the end of the day, it’s not a competition; it’s an expression. We are all expressing ourselves and really, I love them all. I am proud of what they’ve achieved but what separates me from them really is my style of music, my sound, my drive and how far I am willing to go. At the end of the day I just want to make good music and I think there’s space for everybody.

What are the three things people don’t know about Mo’cheddah?

Mo’cheddah loves to cook. I love to exercise that is to hit the gym and maintain my physique. And Mo`cheddah doesn’t know how to drive. That sounds funny abi?


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