Laugh Matters: Read Carefully Through The Top 15 English Blunders By Dame Patience


NO BE ME WRITE AM OOOOH………….I came across this online and decided to share.

It’s the top 15 English Blunders made by our very own Dame Patience.

Please read and enjoy: –

1. My husband and Sambo is a good people (Imagine)

2. The President was once a child and the senators were once a children.

3. My fellow widows.

4. A good mother takes care of his children.

5. The people sitting before you were once a children.

6. Yes we are all happy for the effort, it is not easy to carry second in an international competition like this one,(addressing press men after Female Under-19 FIFAWorld Cup).

7. The bombers who born them? Wasn’t it not a woman? They were once a children now a adult now they are bombing
women and children making some children a widow.

8. My heart feels sorry for these children who have become widows for losing their parents for one reason or another.

9. We should have love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their NATIONALITY

10. Thank God the Doctors and Nurses are responding to treatment.

11. I would rather kill myself instead of committing suicide.

12. Ojukwu is a great man, he died but his manhood lives on.

13. On behalf of 2million, I donate my family.

14. Why will boko haram bomb last churches on christmas day, they don’t have respect for Jesus, they
are a very bad person, infact I’m a sadder woman right now and Mr.President is more saddest

15. We all have HIV.


  1. Pl let hr be. she got to hr present position for hr patience, a virtue lacking in many women wh speaks error free english.

  2. God bless madam, she has tried in, any case, she puts a smile/laughter on our faces after going through this post

  3. Funny how people write about what she said but no one has any recordings on what they heard. I personally feel most of these are concocted. She might have said one or two but these are all exaggeration. Let the woman be.

  4. Who is perfect on earth ? No body if am wrong prove me right.
    Mr fault finder note this that english language is not our mother tongue we learn how to speak and write it. I advice, you use your god given talent to get something good to do for yourself, your family and for your country use that wisdom you used in finding those fault to look around believe me you wil create something special for this country. Ok accepted she can not speak or write wel compare her with the most honoured woman in your community and tel us who is the most achiever.

    • My friend, do not be so tight. Mama P herself would laugh at this if/when she reads these. Know that fun is what is intended. Do not curse anyone on this account, after all God is not your juju.

  5. Chai-chai. Na only u waka come insult me because of these foreign grammar? I want to tell u dia ris God oooooooooooooooooo…….

  6. Pls, don’t write jokes that can take u to an early grave. Even those who studied Mass comm still make serious mistakes, so why writing what doesn’t make sense? Don’t end up destroying ur destiny by writing unnecessary jokes.

  7. Dis one pass me, she might have said some, but not d whole lot, I see here, but I don laff tire, una no go kill me.

  8. Mr writer, u claim to know all. But as far as Nigeria is concerned, u re a nobody. Who are u to make jest of our dear first Lady. U re a confirmed imbecile. Rubbish

  9. The most important thing is the intention and not the grammar, leave Dame Patience alone. You guys criticising are fools I repeat fools.

  10. you who is only looking/finding FAULTS from those who have ACHIEVED nd their NAMES are heard in d Nation. Wht hv u achieved in Life? instead of u 2 work toward making it in Life, u ar busy publishing d mistakes of others. That’s why u wil remain d same or wil still go below dis ur level bcos u ar pride nd God exult d humble, gives dem grace but He Abased d proud nd bring them to nothing…

  11. At least u understand wat she is saying……….and 2ndly,i no believe say na she talk all diz tin, u add some abi? Mr english man!

  12. Make una free this woman na, wetin she do for una self. The important tin is that she’s enjoying the wey she talks, even the president himself hs not complaining oh,
    Carry go my First lady joor. God pass them.

  13. At least English is a foreign language why making mountains out of an ant hills. She is still d one n only first lady of Nigeria. Carry ur dictionary go rule for Aso Rock, bad belly people. Jobless idiot.

  14. All of una be hypocrites wey dey tongue-lash the admin here, why una read this post, why una no waka pass am. una dno enjoy the fun. abeg Dame , me i dey feel u jare

  15. Dame Patience may not have sophisticated education but she is the 1st lady; something your mothers did not achieve with all their education. Mama Peace carry go.
    However, I think she should talk less

  16. Pls let people. Leave her alone. Is not her father languege so media when good thing happon to nigeria you will not say anything but when bad thing happon you countiniou saying it till tomoro

  17. Who doesn’t make mistake, afterall English is a borrowed language.abeg let her be joor,it is not easy to stand and address d public.

  18. The Good side of Patience Jonathan we never talk about:The Best Kind Of Wife Any Man Can Pray For Despite Her Grammatical Expression!!!When I see the way people have being ridiculing Patience Jonathan the First Lady Of Nigeria. I only pity the future of most of our youth of today especially The Men.Many have been using words likeThere is God ooo!!Na only you Waka Come!!All the Blood you are Sharing!!!Interestingly, That is*The Woman that stood by GEJ when he was living with all his brothers in 1room apartment.*That is the woman that took GEJ to her Uncle in Zoology Dept. of Uniport in order to help him get admission which he got.*That is the Woman that stood by GEJ when he had no food to eat and will bring Food stuffs for him in school every weekend.*That is the Woman that used her money from her business to help GEJ to pay for handouts and textbooks when he was anUndergraduate.*That is the woman that stood by GEJ despite having extra-marital affair.*That is the Woman that stood by GEJ till he became the President of Nigeria.So to all of you mocking her, here are my Questions to you All*How many of you ladies here can do this for the Love of a Man?*How many of you guys can boast that your girl can stand by your man like Patience did?*How many of youguys will prefer A lady that speaks Good english but will be the worst wife ever*How many of you guys will prefer a wife that speaks good english but will be your downfall tomorrow.. A wife that speaks good english but will make your life miserable and put your life in hell on earthladies..Many of you have left your boyfriends because he doesn’t have Money for now.So, No Matter how bad her English may sound, She has been there for her husband thru thick and thin. she may not be grammatically sound or well educates(how many of our parents are) but she has character!

  19. Hmmmm! Make una jst dey happy say na democracy we dey. Had it been we are in d military regime can u dare to ridicule d wife of d head of states? Lastly, english no b any of us papa language

  20. She is a good woman and mother …let her be please. As long you understood what she is trying to pass across, she has communicated. That is what communication is all about ‘understanding’ the message being sent.

  21. You people are just OLOOO.What is communication? Anybody that did not understand her message should swear. Pls let support each other to move d country forwaEd

  22. Thank you all, for ur thoughts, don’t mind dose persons who can’t event express dem selves b4 their friends and dey are making noise out of nothing. They fail to realise the effect of the meeting. Don’t b a mediocre. God will Give our leaders d wisdom to govern us amen.

  23. Nigerians will never face their business or personal problems they’re facing but gossiping and busy publishing scandals against public figures whom they are not even worthy of cleaning their shoes or move closer.language is not Barrett in as much the speaker knows What He or she presents and the hearers comprehends. Begins, leave mama Dame alone joo.

  24. All of u ppl here ar hypocrites! Wot business of ours is Patience stood by her husband in thick and thin? I bilif if it were to be hausa woman dt make all dese blunders,all of u wl start raining ur curses calling all sort of names(BH etc) buh bcos she is a southerner and moreso first lady.wen she stood by her hubby den who is enjoying it now? No oda way to xpress a bad tin dan to say it’s bad.She shld stop disgracing d populace of women of dis Naija.An adage goes thus;anytin man can do,a woman can do it beta! No 1da she can speak trash more dan any man.Thereis God ooo!

  25. It’s a shame to see Nigerians defend mediocrity with all their might. When are we supposed to strive for the. Best and right things to be done in our country.

  26. Yes no one is perfect and English is not her father’s language. Clearly understood. But our dear 1st lady claims to b educated with a masters degree. This issue should not b taken 4 granted bcos so many ppl luk up to her so at least she should try represent us well. Being a 1st lady is a great achievement but no country deserves a grammatically dumb one.

  27. Am so much disappointed in people whenever i heard them defending this indefensible,inexcusable and unpardonable act by saying “forget about the English, and think about the post”…who gives a shit about the post!..They keep saying ” English language is not our mothers tongue, its a borrowed language” who colonize us?… if its a borrowed language, why are
    we then taught in school with it? oh! come on….
    Are there not instances of people in history who are #great speakers but never in any political positions?….. What do we leadership? Who is a leader? is it your position that makes you a good leader or your innate leadership qualities?……If u need an answer to this questions,my friend grow up from your narrow mindedness and #listen to president Obama speak at Mandela funeral……

    As a citizen of Nigeria, am looking forward to seeing a leader who can represent me anywhere anytime either by action or by words…..A leader that will speak and I will say” yeah!!! that’s my leader speaking”……….
    Let me take this time out and implant this into your heart…”Great people are not great by the position they occupy, it is their works,words,actions,and deeds that made them great! I will rather be poor and shake the world with my words,than be rich with nothing upstairs! Seek knowledge…. and wealth will seek you…..but not vice versa!!!

  28. You people should live her exellency alone and stop spoiling her name. Remember people from other’s country see all this rubbish ur guy’s are writing. Stop this, is an insult. Her children will make it up for her

  29. Even you that is abusing the writer here is likewise hypocrite! If i make any mistake in life sure you will laugh. Don’t pretend to show here that you love her even more than me. English language not our own, why adopt it as our lingua franca when we can’t speak? Not that i’m mocking Dame Patience, but to be honest in this context i’m not impressed.

  30. Why do we Nigerians alway look for faults? never a day sbody said or do anything good to u pple. Now so called English teachers please do the corrects and send them to her, she will appricate. Rember u writers and commentors some of u made ur Waec english with EXPO.

  31. You are a very BIG FOOL for even coming up with such trash. Are u better than her. the position that God has put her today u and the rest of ur generation might get there if u don’t desist from such unholy remark about whom God has blessed. ewu, anu ofia,

  32. Na only u waka dey cum across all d slanz we our oga madam dey talk abi?
    Make u go check wetin ur mate wale shoyinka dey use english do every wia y u no c d erroz wey em dey talk c make una leave oga madam alone Ooo i get hot temper Ooo!

  33. it is a pity that your paper kept ridiculing Mama Patience. I am sure your mother did not go to school and she cannot be where she is today. Moreover English is not our language. There better things to write on than this.

  34. Good people of nija. When do we have to understand Dat attaining such position shud be guided by wat we do or say as she serves as a role model to many…. With due respect, she was once a governors wife, a perm secretary, a said educationist!.. If ur daughter speaks like her, as a father, what will u do?.listen to Michelle obama, listen to margaret thatcher and others.. English is our language cos if wen never wanted it, we shouldn’t have allowed the colonization by d British. Dese and many more, are reasons why nija is stagnant. Money isn’t all. Expression is confidence. Development is key. We need to up our standards!! ” the people deserve d govt they get” a practical example of happenings 2day.

  35. pls let our mama be. no matter hw u paint her english black she still remain d first lady of dis federation.get dt

  36. what are ur gain in posting her blunders. we all are not perfect even if she can’t speak gud English at list she is the mother of our nation Nigeria and the fact that she is able to face the crowd, its credits on its own. may God Almighty have mercy on those people that are posting rubbish as if they don’t have their own weaknesses.

  37. It is wrong showing and putting on global board for the world to see, if truly these are the mistakes said by the first of Nigeria, it is not a shame to the first lady but for the one who put it out for everyone to see, the person is not disgracing her but himself/herself, it is rather shameful how we nigerians expose our nakedness for the world, it is too shameful. Totally shameful.

  38. We agree with you , if she has spoken wrong english pls , as a reporter put the grammer in order ,for us to be happy with you as a good citizen , protect your country brother , tell me a perfect Nation

  39. Let them also compile the blunders from their mothers and sisters that cannot speak piggin let alone English. Why not you speak the right one for our consumption. It seems you don’t have job than public gossiping.

  40. As far as am concern she has been on pressure for a period of time now and once some one is on pressure any thing can happen, You the writer since u r bold to post d first lady’s mistakes in public, am very much sure u don’t have respect for ur mother! Watch ur tongue n be very careful cos it can put u in trouble.

  41. i believe everybody has a right to their opinions… insulting people and calling them fools wont change what is in their hearts to say, it would only make matters worse. moreover, y’all insulting these people that said their minds, what y’all done to change the situation of Nigeria? although, its still nice to respect a mother like her… but it wont stop the laughter.

  42. Who cares if she speaks worse grammar? She is the most confident woman so far in Nig. Till now, she’s the very first lady of this country meaning all other women are following her. Then u forget that english is not our language. Why not compulsory the white to speak and write Ikwere language as a matter of force? Who cares if i wrote my english before u stood up and go away. If i like i say i go to went. Who cares? Is it my language? Inferiority complex kills most critics of the caring, first lady. She is vast in her native language, then she is the most qualified to be in that office. I am proud to her more blunders in english cos its just a second language to us nigerian. We all have our native varnaculars, so sweet and meaningful. I like english, yet, but anyhow u spoke it, u are correct. I am dey very fine as i be. Yes ke.

  43. I feel sad when i listene to the words of fools. Though a leader is require to have communication skil which could be used to effect any policy in the society. But has a first lady of this nation we mustn’t show lack of respect on her.she deserve to be respected regardless of level of her communication skil

  44. This make me to remember some years back when i was in a seminar, i’m to address queens college girls for d 1st time of my life to address a crowd. I don’t kn when i start using he for she, she for he. Is nt about good english bt if odas can get ur point it what matter, what about good english with any sense in it. Let us stop acting on odas people mistake if we can’t correct them. Thank u, God bless Nigeria

  45. Hmmmn…as a person I have never really bothered myself to comment on posts made on the social media. but this time around I am pushed to write. In the first place Nigerians are so emotional,which is very appalling. As a first Lady of a Nation,this dame is supposed to be well grounded in English Language!!! Whether you guys accept it or not. There are so many women who are well grounded in English Language,in education and in positions,yet they are virtuous women with character worthy of emulation. Example: Oby Ezekwesili. These blunders I have read about the first lady,are such words that make other countries look down at us with such disdain and contempt. Please,please and please Mama First Lady needs to be tutored well on English Language before she makes any public appearance. Because whatever she says is seen on the International scene!And it’s not funny at all! No disrespect. I know that my own mother is not a first lady and I’m not a first lady too. But if Dame was my mother, I would do my best,to upgrade her so that the blunders would stop. For this dame to be allowed to keep speaking like this to Nigerians,it shows total disregard to the feelings of the people of this country. For pits sake “English is our Lingua Franca”! Thank you.

  46. a country that extols mediocrity irrespective of the circumstance that surronds it,is sick and needs help. if over 90% of these Nigerians whose comments are posted here think its okay for the first lady to spk in dat fashion,then the future is more bleak than we thought. every position comes with its corresponding expectations mrs first lady. if providence got you to this point despite being ill-prepared,now that you here make efforts to match minimum requirement atleast.

  47. I think even when ur mum speaks d most polished english,she can never smell asorok 1st lady sit. Wiithout Dame, there will be no Jo, without patience, there will be no luck! God is d perfect Match leave her alone.Oga jobless pray that she should speak good job and industrialization to ur country wt u 2.1, Ms.C,ICAN, NIM………………

  48. Una mumu ….. Una d consider gramer wey b se persón de use colect salary wey b say prof. No c colect……..she EGM colect alawance 4 …….

  49. As a linguist,her performance may not be correct syntactical,but semantically it makes sense,thank God who ever read dis can get whatever she is trying to say,really want to point out some facts there,1)English is not our mother-tongue,2)she’s bn destinyed 4 d top n nobody can take dat 4m her n 3) non is perfect,so pls n pls…let her be!!if it hurts u dt much,go n hug a transformer 4 all we care!

  50. As 4 those saying she is not grounded,good but don’t u think it’s also a shame,dt a country like Nigeria do not have an ordinary’language policy’???even if we have,does it work?can’t we make our own language an offical language?countries dat r less developed than ours,have lang polices,dat allow then use their own lang as their lingual franca,if such had apply to Nigeria,am sure no 1 wuld have paid such attention to her spoken English,it wuld probarly have only bn interpreated by d media,so d blame shuldnt be on her alone but also on a govt dt does not care abt our langs,which is our national identity..gradually,our languages will all go into extinction then maybe,only maybe,we will understand.

  51. Her blunders means nothing. How many phoniest has the president of the most powerful nation in African as husband…. with all their educations/qualifications/degrees

  52. Her blunders mean nothing. How many phoniest has the president of the most powerful nation in African as husband…. with all their educations/qualifications/degrees


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