Jonathan Sets Up Committee On Chibok Girls

More than two weeks after over 200 girls were abducted by Islamist sect, President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday set up a fact-finding committee comprising of security agencies and international organizations to assist in the possible rescue of 276 abducted female students in Chibok area of Borno State.

Minister of Information, Labaran Maku who briefed state House correspondents after an extensive meeting with security chiefs said the decision to set up the committee arose as a result of conflicting information about the abducted students.

Maku who was joined by spokespersons of the security agencies said yesterday’s meeting received updates on the second Nyanya bombing, the ongoing search for the Chibok girls, and efforts made so far to deal with related incidents of insecurity and terrorism in the country.

He said security chiefs also briefed President Jonathan and the meeting on efforts so far made to locate and rescue the girls, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

President Jonathan, he said gave instructions for additional proactive measures by security agencies to enhance public safety, including increased public awareness for citizens to step up their cooperation with security agencies by reporting suspected activities and persons likely to cause a breach of public peace, safety and security.

The minister added that the Air force has kicked out extensive surveilance of all the routes leading into and out of Chibok up to the Chad and Cameroun borders .

”Other parts of Borno and Adamawa states are also under the searchlight.” He added.

”Every information relayed to security agencies has so far been investigated, including the search of all places suspected as a possible hide-away of the kidnapped girls. The police, backed up by the military and DSS, have combed and are still combing all reported places that the girls might have been taken to.”

He said President Jonathan also commiserated with the families of the deceased in the latest bombing at Nyanya.

He said the President has directed that full medical treatment be given to victims at government expense.

”The President also shares in the pain and anguish of the parents and guardians of the Chibok girls abducted by the terrorists. The President’s heart goes out to these our unfortunate daughters who have had to endure the trauma of abduction and separation from their loved ones. The government and people of Nigeria stand solidly by them”.

President Jonathan has appealed to the parents, guardians, relations and members of the public to furnish security agencies with all the information that will assist in the rescue of the girls.

”Government also appreciates the public outpouring of support and the sentiment expressed so far by all Nigerians, including civil society groups who have come out to condemn the abduction of the girls and terrorism in the country. Government strongly believes that the people of Nigeria, standing together, will overcome the current security challenges” Maku added.

Emphasizing on the Chibok abduction, Maku said, “The President assures Nigerians that “wherever the girls are in the world, we will get them back, apprehend and punish the culprits”. [Vanguard]


  1. ABOUT D MISSIN GURLS,NOBODY DAT WAS KIDNAP. How long was the alleged motorcade that nobody saw
    of 275 girls? I’m not even counting the militants that
    were in the vehicles with them, just the girls alone?
    IF say the alleged 275 girls drove themselves from the
    school to the sambisa forest (how a vehicle moves
    through a forest is beyond me, let alone a motorcade)
    which has been described as a ‘dense’ forest, how
    many vehicles would that be? Lets not count the
    militants that were in the vehicles with them.IF they some how fit 12 sixteen year old girls into 1
    vehicle each, which is a wildly unrealistic amount of
    passengers in one vehicles, even a pick up, that means
    that 22.91 or when rounded 23 vehicles were used.
    If say they fit a more realistic but high number for 6
    per vehicle that’s 46 vehicles.
    This is assuming that only the girls were in the
    vehicles which wasn’t the case.The question is HOW can a core northern Village
    community have over 275 girls in a school sitting for
    WAEC? When did they start going to school? not to
    talk of sending girls to school?
    The Principal and State government Knows where
    they kept those girls which are i know isn’t up to dey shud stp feedin nigerians wit lies.4rm ERIC KALU, bbm pin 2b3d9e83.I sat down gav masef sleepless 9t jst 2 fink of dis,plz broadcast so it gets 2 dos pple in governmt,dey shud knw we can no longer b deceived again.

  2. My question go to the FG. Do u surely know the size of this country, if u guys claim to be innocent over this insanity? If happened to be lack of weapons, why not ask for assistant from others? Cause I strongly believe that if we hv jet fighter will be easier to locate where there are hided. Finally, try to know sheakau, is he indigen or not.


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