For Wives – 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

how to make him happy

Guys are not as complicated as many women think. Women invest a lot of time trying to decode men’s odd behavior. Here’s a tip, ladies. Don’t bother. For the most part men are predictable creatures of habit and relatively easy to please. Here is my Guys Guy list of five easy ways to keep him happy.

Food and Drink- This could be broken into two separate points, but they fundamentally hold the same value with men. Guys like to chow down and drink up. If you want to make him happy, I suggest you find out what he likes to eat and drink and either keep some of his faves on hand or know where you can get them fast.

Most guys are not super-picky about what they eat and drink. That said, you want to show him that you care, so make sure you note what he orders when you’re out with him for dinner or drinks. That means what type of cuisine he favors and his call brands for beer, wine and spirits. I assure you that he will notice what you serve him at your place and he will be thrilled if you shake up a cocktail featuring his preferred brand.

A Clean Pad – A recent study by UK mattress company Ergoflex says that most dudes only change their sheets four times per YEAR. Yuck. Often, guys who live alone live like bears.

They hunt, eat and then lay around the rest of the time. Although their personal hygiene may be exemplary, not many guys are fans of cleaning their house or apartments. Here’s the good news.

Men are super-appreciative when their lady friend keeps her place all spic and span. I can tell you from personal experience, there is nothing like a clean bathroom, a hot shower and a big fluffy towel when sleeping over a woman’s apartment. Just sayin’.

Great Sex – You knew this was coming. Men are hard-wired when it comes to sex. That means they think about it all the time. Since men are creatures of habit, if you can figure out what turns him on and then bring it like no one else’s business, you’ll keep your guy happily padding around on a very short leash.

If he goes nuts over that black teddy, keep wearing it. If you are tired of it or it’s falling apart, get something else, but keep in mind what he liked about it. Now, hold on before you get mad at your Guy’s Guy. I am not suggesting that he shouldn’t reciprocate when it comes to pleasing you. In fact, I’m suggesting that he will be eager to repay you with interest if you rock his world.

Go Easy on his Family and Friends – Yeah, I know most families can be pretty dysfunctional and some of his friends can be bad influences, but I’m sure that with a little patience and panache you can keep his family at arm’s length while, over time, filtering out his more annoying buddies.

Believe in Him – Guys are ego-driven. If you really dig your guy, you’ll want him to have a dream and you’ll want to be there for the journey. I promise you that the time you invest will pay off beyond your expectations. And if you don’t care about his dreams and goals, you probably don’t really care about him. Of course, he needs to demonstrate the same commitment to you and your personal journey.

These are a few of the basics. If you approach each one with an open heart and mind, I’ll wager that you are going to see a positive change in how your guy feels about you and the relationship.





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