Fashola Condemns Christian Successor In 2015

Following the recent call made by the Lagos State Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, for a Christian successor to Governor, Babatunde Fashola, in 2015, the latter on Monday, condemned the demand, and questioned if the christian agitators really believed in God?, noting that it is only God that can insist.


*Governor, Babatunde Fashola

The governor made the remark while commissioning an inter-faith conference, Tagged: “Peace, Religious Harmony and Good Governance: Issues and Challenges”.

Fashola posited that the current insecurity issues bedeviling the country could be greatly reduced if everyone accepted religious harmony.

“People have said that they want one particular governor and I have ask myself two questions – the people who said that they want one particular governor or said that there must be this particular governor, are they still conscious that it is an election where a choice has to be made? If there are two democrats, they should expect that citizens must have a say in who is sworn-in as the governor of their state” Fashola said.

“Secondly; I wonder when I heard those things. You can insist, but can you insist that you will be alive in the next one hour. I know that things can rub off badly, you may be on the wrong side of the government policy, but we must trust ourselves.

“We have integrated more than 50 years ago rather than toying with what we are doing at the moment. The danger is too much, this cloth will not tear in one straight line; it will tear in shreds if we pull it too far and let us restrain the pull on the cloth. It is no longer a new cloth; it is a well worn cloth and when a well worn cloth tears, it doesn’t repair well” he added.

Fashola who stressed that religion should not be the bedrock for choosing his successor, said: “Good governance means different things to us. It may mean that there are more religion institutions of one faith than the other in the state; that maybe good governance for some people. And for majority, good governance is just food, the ability to get a job and provision of social amenities. For those people, the faith of the governor is never their problem”.


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