Court Orders FRSC To Stop Arresting Drivers Over New Licence

The Abuja Division of Federal High Court yesterday ordered the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to henceforth stop imposing new drivers’ and vehicle licence on car owners whose vehicle registration papers are still valid.

Justice Ademola Adeniyi, while delivering his judgement in a suit filed by an Abuja-based legal practitioner, Mr. John Musa, declared as “unconstitutional and a clear example of an act of executive recklessness” threat by FRSC to start arresting car owners across the country for failing to obtain the new driver’s licence, notwithstanding the validity of their present licence.

The plaintiff had instituted the action last year shortly after the FRSC fixed October 1, 2013 as the date it would commence the arrest of car owners that failed to obtain the new licence.

Equally joined as a defendant in the suit was its Corp Marshal and Chief Executive, Mr. Osita Chidoka.

The defendants, in a preliminary objection against the suit sought its dismissal for want of competence, even as they challenged the locus standi of the plaintiff.

It was their contention that the plaintiff failed to establish any reasonable cause of action against them.


  1. This is unbelievable, heartless pple, God is watching them. Why can’t they get rid of their OLD cloth or things. If they eventually bought a new one. Thank God for those that show’s concernd

  2. Thank God, the FRSC members aren’t God, Nigerians would have been doomed. How cana fit and proper CORPS MARSHAL not understand the basic law/regulations that he is supposed to enforce and protect! THE TRAFFIC ACT under which we have CONSTRUCTION AND USE REGULATIONS stated clearly among others, what a vehicle should look like. The appearance of a motorcar,its headlamp,rearlights,trafficator lights, side mirrors, inner mirror,number plates (front and rear ): their sizes, colour,design positioningc. I wonder what the Osita Chijuka,the CEO of the Corps stands for. If he knew his job he needed not o defend his illegal action. His defense of this action points to two things; he does not know his job or he made a deliberate mistake. Either way, as public servant , he must always act in the interest of the public. This scenerio has exposed the ignorance of our law-makers, lack of human face and milk of kindness of our Rulers.

  3. They want to emulate some Governors that are in the best habit of disobeying court orders all because they want to extort from an ordinary man’s pocket claiming to enrich the Government for their selfish interest . Shame on them


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