Churches, Mosques Burnt In Kaduna As Religious Crisis Brews

The peace in Kachia town of Kaduna State was disrupted on Sunday, as adherents of the two major religions were embroiled in crisis, following

An alleged demolition of places of worship by Christians and Muslims from different communities in Kachia,Kaduna State, Sunday led to crisis between the adherents of the two religions,leading to the burning of places of worship.

Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna State had, on Sunday, warned that his, “government will not fold its arms and allow enemies of peace cause mayhem in the state.”

State Police Public Relations Officer, Aminu Lawal, told newsmen that “the situation is under control, as our men are fully on the ground. No life is lost, but we don’t have the number of worship places that were burnt. We will let you know in due course as we don’t want to give wrong figures.”

Kachia, about 150km from Kaduna, is home to many military formations and had enjoyed peace for many years, until recently when some youths were alleged to have demolished the fence round the Muslim prayer ground in the area.

However, on reporting to the local authorities, the fence was rebuilt and peace was restored in the area, but the second demolition of the fence round the Muslim prayer ground, allegedly by Christian youths in the community, incurred the wrath of their Muslim counterparts, who allegedly took laws into their hands to retaliate.

Demolition and burning of mosques and churches in the area followed until the police quelled the crisis.

According to an eyewitness, “on Saturday when the youth saw another damage in the prayer ground, hell was let loose.”

“The youth suspected members of a near-by church to be responsible for the continuous damaging of the prayer ground and descended on the church, causing it to be demolished.”

“The alleged suspects did not take the demolition of the church lightly. They went wild, burning and demolishing mosques in the area, the eyewitness added.”

Governor Yero had therefore called on the people in Kachia town and environs to remain calm and shun any attempt by enemies of peace to escalate the misunderstanding in the cause confusion.

In a statement signed by the Director-General, Media and Publicity, Ahmed Maiyaki, he said all citizens residing in Kachia must avoid taking laws into their hands, as government was already working with all security agencies to ensure the protection of lives and property of the entire people.

Governor Yero assured the people that security agencies had already commenced investigations into the cause of the crisis and would not spare anyone found culpable, “no matter their status in the society.”

The governor urged people in Kachia, as well as the entire Kaduna State to continue to live peacefully with one another, irrespective of diversities, adding that difference in tribe or religion did not affect the common aspirations of the people to live in peace and tranquility.



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