Boko Haram Cut Off Nigeria’s Border Town With Cameroon

Islamist sect Boko Haram has now reportedly cut off Nigeria’s border town with Cameroon, Gamboru, from the rest of the nation as they blew off the only bridge linking the town with Nigeria.

It was revealed Thursday that Gamboru where over 300 people were killed on Monday was technically cut off from Nigeria as a result of the attack on the bridge.

The damage on the bridge, according to residents of the town, who spoke to journalists in Maiduguri has made it difficult for them to flee into Nigeria and left some of them with no other choice but to take refuge in Cameroon,

The only option left for people traveling to and from Gamboru, according to the source, is to go into Banki near Bama local government area of Borno into Cameroon and later enter Gamboru from another Cameroonian village.

The source also revealed that 315 corpses were buried from the attack on Monday by the insurgents on the commercial town of Gamboru.


  1. If they cut off the border, how would they run to cameroun again? It is God that is punishing them and they would all be caught verysoon by our scurity agents.

  2. Boko haram death news will spread like harmattan fire, juz let’s see guys, we will see soon when all these boko haram will be forgotten and we live in peace..


  3. God will fight for us,He will arise and uproot all the Root of evil in dis country..Insurgency will be a thing of the past..


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