ANC Wins Again In South Africa

The African National Congress, ANC has secured majority votes in the recent South African Elections.


This was the first election held since the death of their iconic leader Nelson Mandela in December last year.

The ANC acquired only 62.15 per cent of the votes, the lowest ever since independence, they had 62.65 per cent (1994), 66.35 per cent (1999), 69.69 per cent (2004), 65.9 per (2009).

The foremost opposition, the centrist Democratic Alliance, DA acquired only 22% , a 5% increase from its last outing in 2009.

However now ANC faces a unique problem, as they did not get the two-thirds majority it requires in parliament to push its legislations, They now have to form and depend on alliances.

Julius Malema led leftwing Economic Freedom Fighters came in third with only 5.51%.

This is South Africa’s third election since Apartheid and voter turnout was an impressive 73%.

Nelson Mandela had led ANC during his fight against Apartheid and since 1994 they have dominated the South African elections.

Jabulani Radebe, revealed the numbers where not suprising, he said: “I am not surprised because even though people have criticised President Zuma, we as members separate the leaders from the party. It means that even if Zuma is gone tomorrow, it shows the ANC is still strong and will go on,” he said.

“It seems the opposition spent a lot of time attacking the ANC rather than offering alternatives and maybe this benefitted us,” Radebe added.


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