[Advice Needed] She Wants To Go For Her Master’s Program, But I’m Ready To Get Married. What Should I Do?


Dear Readers,

I’m 32, I have had a girl friend for 9 years, every time we about marriage, she doesn’t want to hear it, what she says is that she wants to study, She is through with her university education but she says she  still wants to take masters and do some professional courses. I tell her she can do those things when we get married but she keeps saying she wants to do them before she gets married. Now i am tired!  Her mother supports her though, the rest of her family says she she should get married. I am tired as i am not getting any younger. I did the mathematics and if i wait for her to do these courses and masters program, we would not be getting married in at least 3 years. What should i do? I want to get married and settle down on time.





  1. Why should u wast your time waiting for some1 that does not want to settle down with you?
    Man, please get married to another lady. 9 years isnt 9days. And you are still wating? Dont you think that she may not want you for a husband. Think wise. Be a man.


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