Actress Stella Damasus Is Angry With Anti-#BringBackOurGirls Supporters

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus is angry with people who attacked and insulted her when she joined the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and doubted that there was any abduction of the female students of the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.


Stella Damasus like other Nigerian and foreign celebrities joined the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and spoke passionately about the need to rescue the girls but a lot of people went to war with her as some expressed their doubts saying that the kidnap saga was just a political gimmick. However, after the video with the girls abducted by Boko Haram was released, the mother of two called out to those who disparaged her.

Read what she said below:

“Where are all the cowards, ignorant, uneducated and uniformed twerps who went on a rampage to insult me and tell me how stupid I was for talking about the Chibok girls?

“Where are those that have been leaving comments and calling me names? Those that were trying to prove that the whole thing was a hoax and that I was spreading lies?

“I hope you have seen the released video of Boko Haram and you have heard their demands.

“Maybe now you will wake up and join the campaign, #BringBackOurGirls.”

Source: Pulse


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