7 Questions to Answer Before You Celebrate Your Next Wedding Anniversary

cute-coupleRemember, you must be completely honest as that’s truly how transformation happens.

1. What lessons did you learn in this year of marriage? Situations occur in our relationships that teach us something. We must look for the lesson in each challenge and apply it to how we love on our spouse.

2. How many ways did you make your spouse a priority in this year of marriage? Unfortunately, this one doesn’t always make it to the top of our to-do list. Spouses must make their first order of business their partner. We should also be seeking various ways to put our partner first.

3. What sacrifices did you intentionally make to benefit your marriage? Sacrifices should feel slightly uncomfortable if we’re doing them right. When we give up self for the sake of the person we love, we should feel it. Denying our selfish motives or evil intentions are necessary.

4. What goals did you accomplish together in this year of marriage? Any successful business, organization or individual began with a goal. If we don’t know what we’re working toward it’s even more challenging to arrive there.

5. How did you overcome any challenges you faced in this year of marriage? The true test of a marriage is how we face the difficult days. Believe it or not our challenges should draw us closer together.

6. What were the highlights for you both as a couple in this year of marriage? Recognize all the positives that occurred in your marriage. Being grateful for the blessings in your marriage is a reminder of what your relationship is really about.

7. What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead? Even if you barely made it through this year of marriage, consider what’s needed to move you both ahead to the relationship you’re hoping to experience

Source: lifeediting.com


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