10 Things to Consider When Dating, According to A Dad

Here’s what Dad sent me:

1. It’s important that he opens and holds the door for you. It’s simply respect.

2. He should make you laugh, as a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence.

3. The little things like flowers or a handwritten note are important, as it shows he is thinking of you and can show it.

4. He can make fun of himself. This shows he is confident in himself, but not too serious about it.

5. He is free to compliment you. This, too, shows confidence, caring and thoughtfulness.

6. He likes to work as much as he likes to play. It’s good to have a sense of purpose as well as balance in your life.

7. He is generous to others. Being compassionate is a beautiful thing.

8. He is honest, but not to a fault. There is maturity in knowing what to say and when. Real honesty is known on the inside of a person when others are not looking.

9. He takes care of himself, but not at an obnoxious level. It’s about self-respect and not about arrogance.

10. Finally, watch how he treats his mother as this is how he will treat you.


Source: huffpost.com


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