Survivors Of Nyanya Explosion Say God And T.B. Joshua’s Anointing Water Saved Them

Scores of people died and hundreds were injured when a bomb exploded at the crowded bus station in Nyanya, Abuja’s suburb, on Monday, April 14. This weekend, three survivors of the blast narrated their divine deliverance while attending a sermon at Prophet T. B. Joshua’s church, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).


Prophet T.B.Joshua

Evangelist Maria Ajekukor missed several buses on her way to work. The very bus she was about to enter was hit by the explosion. She saw mutilated bodies of dead people scattered everywhere. A mother was thrown down at the ground while the baby was tossed in another direction by the force of the explosion.

Mr. Egbe Candidus hails from Benue State but currently resides in Abuja. On his way to work, his vehicle slowed down due to heavy traffic, when he heard a deafening, earthquake-like bang. Due to the impact, his car was tossed into the air above human height. Upon landing, Mr. Candidus was thrown outside the car but was not hurt. There were multiple lifeless bodies lying on the ground around him.

Pastor Damfa Adams from Righteousness Covenant Church was on his way to the bank to collect his ATM card. As he went to get his bus, he heard a loud bang. A splinter of glass flew into his eye, and he temporarily lost his sense of hearing.

According to the three speakers, each of them had either the “anointing sticker,” or a used “anointing water,” or both, ministered by T.B. Joshua – the items that, they believe, saved them.

The controversial Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua is well-known for his many predictions of the future. In November 2013, he had warned security agents about “a very big strike – explosion” in Abuja.


  1. That is my prophet any item dat comes in contact wt Him is blessd. Just like d days of apostle Paul in d holy bible.i encorag ppl to always ve any of His items on them while livn dia house to any wia. Jesus is lord.

  2. Well tank God for their survival. But 2 me I feel all glory n adoration should be given to God not the prophet. Dat is not christianity be warned!

  3. these people are just talking nonsense,, instead of thanking God for saving ur lives,, u are here sayin one nonsense from the other,,,in ur mind u fink,, becos u had the sticker,, or the water of one man of God,, dat was why u escaped the explosion,,, u must be the biggest dreamer of all times,,,,,”’stupid fools,, beclouded by religion”’ well for the notice,, the bible said,, it is by the mercies of God,, that we re saved,, and nt by what one pastor or prophate gave to us,,, u had better wisen up….. Thank

  4. Beware those who use this medium to defraud people of their airtime in name dounling it for them,using mtn as their cover,desist from it if not they die like foul & be a fool forever.
    So be warned.


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