Should I Leave My Foster Family And Move To the North to My Muslim Uncle?

A young man wonders if he should stay with his foster parents or move to live in the North with his real Muslim uncle.

confused black man

I am a guy of 23 years. I was adopted when I was about 7 years old, so I am aware that my guardians are not my real parents.

There was a bomb scare once in my school, and my foster mother warned me against going there. We had an argument. Soon after that, I found my real uncle. He’s a Muslim, so he wants me to come to the North and live with him.

I am so confused! Should I leave my foster parents and go, or should I stay with them?


  1. My advice is u move and live wit ur uncle bt that doesnt mean u cut off d ties btw u n ur fostre parents.its a hard decision 2 mak bt remember blood is ticker than water


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