Police Constitute 8-man Task Force To Restore Peace Benue


The Deputy Inspector General of Police, (DIG) Mike Zuokumor Saturday constituted an 8-man joint task force to ensure Benue and Nasarawa states return to peaceful living.

The joint task force which is made up of youths from both herders and farmer was given the task of supervising and making sure displaced persons return to their homes while peace is restored to the Communities.

It would be recalled that the DIG operation had last Monday initiated peace move between the Benue farmers and Fulani herdsmen with their leaders promising to support the peace move.

The two parties had vow to fish out all criminal elements that were fuelling the dispute in order to effectively tackle the crisis.

“We also agreed that the Fulani have not been chased out of Benue; they should feel free to remain and co-exist peacefully with Tiv/Agatu rural farmers.

“We have agreed to meet from time to time to build confidence and keep track of the implementation of the peace agreement.”


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