P-SQUARE BREAKUP: The Brothers Reconcil

The Reports of Nigerian musical duo, PSquare breaking up which went viral some days ago appears to have been finally put to an end afterall.


This is coming after their elder brother/manager, Jude Okoye who initially posted a twitter message some days about him being done after 10 years of hard work took to twitter yesterday to post another message but this time a positive one which gave their fans hope that everything has been resolved between the Okoye brothers.

Jude Okoye who just got engaged yesterday wrote on twitter saying: ‘Family is everything indeed. Long live PSQUARE!‘…

Meanwhile aside Jude Okoye tweeting on the Psquare break-up, the twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye then Paul’s wife, Anita Isama also took to their twitter to write a message.

See tweets below

Family is everything indeed. Long live PSQUARE!

— IG: @Judeengees (@judeengees) April 25, 2014

PSQUARE! Stronger than Ever!!!

— PSQUARE. Nonso Okoye (@rudeboypsquare) April 25, 2014


— Peter Okoye (@PeterPsquare) April 25, 2014

Those who put their trust in the Lord, will NEVER be put to shame!!! All glory to God Almighty!!! \\=D/ God is alive!!!! Prayer is the key!

— Anita Isama (@neetabella) April 25, 2014

Meanwhile according to sources, Peter Okoye who is tired of the ill-affection shown to his wife by his family reportedly gave condition for peace, saying his wife, Lola, must be accepted and respected by the family or risk total isolation from him.

Peter also wants his family to accept his wife, Lola just as they accepted his twin brother, Paul’s wife, Anita irrespective of her tribe or age.

Paul, however doesn’t want to disrespect his late mother’s wish who showed her opposition to Peter’s union with his wife, Lola is in a dilemna.

Sources further said that the crisis had escalated after it was learnt that Peter had allegedly bought a house for Lola in the United States of America, USA.



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