Nigerian man learned to walk in high heels as part of his plans to kill his mother


21 year old Emmanuel Kalejaiye is accused of learning how to walk in high heels and purchasing an all-pink outfit, pink hoodie, pink jogging bottoms, and a scarf as part of his ‘meticulous plans’ to kill and then impersonate his own mother, UK Daily Mail reports. Full report below…

A court heard he planned to wear them as he moved his mother’s car so as to deceive any neighbour who saw him into thinking that she was still alive. The court heard he had detailed on a piece of paper how he had to learn to walk in high heels for this part of his plan.

Kalejaiye is accused of killing his 44-year-old mother,Tolu Kalejaiye (pictured above), at their home in Wickford, Essex, on September 26 last year.

A jury at Chelmsford Crown Court heard on Wednesday how his plans involved buying women’s clothing and learning how to walk in high heels so neighbours would think he was his mother.He also bought knives, rubber gloves and turned a beanie hat into a ‘frightening mask’ as part of his plan, the court heard.
He allegedly covered the floors of the house and garage in cardboard and bin liners to prevent evidence being found.

Kalejaiye wrote his murder plan down on pieces of paper and even made plans to get rid of his brother Femi if he found out or stumbled on the scene, it was said.

The court heard he planned to kill his mother when she came back from church or when she was coming downstairs to go to work.

Prosecutor Andrew Jackson told the court: ‘He made meticulous and detailed plans for the slaying of his own mother’.

The car was to be parked around the corner to make it look as if she was at work, the court heard.

It was alleged that Kalejaiye struck on September 26 last year as his mother came downstairs on her way to work.

But the court heard how the plan started to unravel as his mother managed to call her friend Leo Shogunle.

 He did not answer, but the call went to his voicemail and when he picked it up later on, he called police. The court then heard that when police arrived at the scene they discovered the body of Tolu Kalejaiye on the living room floor, along with a mass of evidence linking her son with the death. Checks later revealed he had bought clothes, knives, gloves and even lighter fuel to dispose of her body, it was said. Former Essex University student Kalejaiye denies murder and has admitted a lesser charge of manslaughter, but this plea has not been accepted by the prosecution.
Kalejaiye confessed to police he had killed his mother and claimed she tortured him mentally and quoted the Bible at him, the court heard.


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