KCee’s Former Partner, Presh: ‘I Would Not Support Any Artist Who Wants To Be In A Music Group’

kcpresh stargist
Singer Presh of the defunct music group KCPresh and KCee’s former partner has said although he does not regret collaborating with KCee for years, but it is best for any artiste to be on his or her own. He also says he is back for good.
“I am not against people doing collabos, but it will not give you the opportunity to explore your talents unlike when you are on your own. I am not saying that I regretted the collabo with KCee but, considering the way artistes are breaking up now, I would not support that for anything.

“Do your thing yourself, if it profits you, you enjoy that alone, if you loose, you also enjoy that alone. It will also make you know what you can do. I am promising my numerous fans that I am back for good”.


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