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Alibaba uses Tyrese watch showoff to make case for Nigerian celebs




US actor/singer Tyrese shared a pic of his wristwatch collection on his instagram page, writing that ‘the plane has to match the watch so he can get to his destination on time’. (pic on the left). He got a lot of likes and positive comments from his followers.

Nigerian King of comedy Alibaba reposted the pic on his own page and made a case for Nigerian artists and how fans here react to celebrity show off on social media. He said a lot more. See that after the cut…

In the comment section of the post, Alibaba wrote;

Everyone shows off. You work hard to show off. When you take a graduation picture and post it, there are millions who could not sit Jamb. When you are celebrating your baby dedication there are women praying for fruit of the womb. When you tell everyone how you got a great job, many are dying at stadia across the country. As long as its your hard work that got you those things you show off. Do you know showing off your cleavage could also be in that class of your argument? Because there are people that don’t have. Some even have had theirs cut off. For me I see such as inspiration. And not show off. Its like saying HEY I USED TO SLEEP AT THE BAR BEACH. BUT SEE WHERE I AM. Because your neighbors. Don’t have light you will not put your generator on? Even the people you call poor… Do you know how much support the person you are calling a show off has contributed to that large number of people in need? And if he were to start mentioning them, that will be another case of show off, abi?

“I agree with people buying things they don’t need. And the fact that many don’t plan. In my 25 years, I have seen stars rise and fall in show business. We are still going to see that happen in the next 25 years. That said, the yardstick used for measuring succes differ from person to person. Depending on what they have gone through. For instance, if I’m on a long haul flight, I do business class. If client got me business, I upgrade. But for a short 1 hour flight, I can do economy. And only do business if I feel like or when travelling with Madam. Now, some people may think because you are in economy, it means you are broke. Meanwhile, on that row of economy seat, there is a real estate lord, with over 35 properties scattered all over Lagos. But some passenger, 2 seats away from you is thinking see that young artiste in business class, but This Ali Baba is in economy. Unknown to them, someone far richer than Ali Baba is sitting next to him. The flip side of this story is that the young artiste, may nit have kids and responsibilities. So he is allowed to live loud. Then there is the untold dynamics of showbiz. The young artiste may be going to perform with his crew for 5m… I may be going for the same event for, let me be generous and say half the amount the young artiste is paid. At the end of the event, I come home with 90% of my fee, the young artiste will come home with maybe 50%… But to the passenger two seats behind, that don’t count. To him, seat in business class. You can go home and drink Garri. Just look good for me. So the artiste is torn between making the fan see him as making it or living his realities. On the others hand, when an artiste doesn’t show off, the fans are fed gists of other artistes living the life, then the fan begins to conclude, if the papers say he is not making it, they should know. So the fans begin to believe what they read and see. So the artiste is on a long thing in the end. Finally, much as I agree with many people in need and not rubbing affluence in their face, celebrating success should be an inspiration to those working hard

“I totally totally agree. Most people in Business Class need to go to business class( school) to understand that a business’s class ticket is not an investment unless you have crossed certain boxes investment wise. I has invested in other tangible assets before I invested in nice cars. Cars are the bane of many men, women don’t make it easy either cos if you no get some type of cars , they don’t consider you serious. But what we don’t understand is that in America you can rent a Car or lease one in nigeria we pay the full price at once, meanwhile the price of those “cars” can buy a house for the “star” so when the ruff times come( and yes it always comes) you have a fall back. May the God of wisdom enlighten us

Who agrees with Alibaba?
Source: LIB

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Offa Polytechnic Student Union Government Gives Merit Award To Cultist Groups



Offa State Polytechnic student union government gives merit award to cultist groups in the school.

According to a Twitter user, Ifemosu Michael wrote;

“When you think you have seen it all… Student Union Government of Offa Polytechnic gave merit Awards to Secret Cults in the school. Hey Lawd!!!”

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Man Excited As Davido Gifts Him 1M After Making A Video On His Birthday



Man gets excited as Davido gifts him 1M after making a video on his birthday.

Taking to his Twitter handle to share the gist, DJ Peejay wrote;

“DAVIDO JUST SENT ME 1 MILLION cos of the video I made on his birthday”

Watch the video below;

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Water tank driver accuses Duncan Mighty of assaulting him in Rivers




Self-acclaimed Port Harcourt First Son, Duncan Mighty is currently trending on social media for the wrong reasons.

A water tank driver, Okabam John has accused singer, Duncan Mighty of assaulting him in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

It was gathered that the incident reportedly happened on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at about 9:40am when the driver was on duty.

Narrating his ordeal to some Civil Rights Activists on Tuesday November 24, after he was allegedly discharged from the hospital, John, a native of Elele Town in Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state and an employee of Julius Berger Nigeria Limited, claimed that the musician struck him on the head with a traditional staff made of elephant tusk.

According to the driver, while on duty a private car was parked close to his water filling spot. He tried notifying the driver who refused to wind down. He reportedly bent his head to talk to the driver only to discover it was Duncan Mighty.

John said that before he could speak, the singer allegedly struck his head using a traditional staff. He said the second strike was blocked with his hand. He claimed that he could not see when the singer drove off as his eyes were covered with blood.

Confirming the incident on Tuesday, one Ndubueze Obodowhuo, accused Duncan Mighty of using his VIP status to intimidate his people. He also shared a ‘medical report’ stating that John was treated for “shoulder dislocation and scalp laceration.”

Mr John is now calling on his employer, the management of Julius Berger, Security Agencies and Human Rights Organisations to help him get justice. His post below:

“This is Mr. OKABAM JOHN a native of Elele town in Ikwerre LGA of Rivers State, he’s currently employed by JULIUS BERGER NIG.PLC in Port Harcourt and his service engagement is within Judges quarters elelenwo-street, GRA Port Harcourt.

“According to Mr. OKABAM JOHN a Water-tank driver with Julius Berger, Tanker number – B8751, On Saturday 21st of November 2020 at about 9:40am while he was on duty. A private car was parked close to his water filling spot, he tried notifying the driver who refused to wine down, he bent his head to talk with the driver surprisingly, it was Duncan mighty.

“Before he could explain, his head was struck by Duncan mighty using a traditional staff(Elephant tusk), the second strike was blocked with his hand. He(Okabam John) didn’t see how the artist drove off because, blood covered his eyes at that moment.

“Mr. Okabam John narrated this incident after being discharged from the hospital. Duncan doesn’t show up when he’s publicly needed, rather he uses his VIP influence to undo his people. Celebrities should be celebrated by their positivity, their influence shouldn’t pose danger to the society rather it should serve as liberation to the people.

“Mr. OKABAM JOHN is calling on the management of Julius Berger, Security Agents and Human Rights Organisations for justice to be done in his case, to avoid a re-occurance.”

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