ABUJA EXPLOSION: Security Forces May Have Recovered The Body Of Bomber Of Nyanya Bus Park [PHOTO]

The Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) of the Nigerian security forces may have identified and recovered the body of the suspected bomber who set-off the bomb at the Nyanya bus park in Abuja, This Day reports.


The explosion hit the busy commuter bus station around 6.30am on April 14, Monday, killing at least 71 people and injuring 124, Nigeria Police Force has confirmed.

This Day cites a security source as saying that the slightly charred body of the bomber was identified and recovered yesterday.

CTU also discovered charms and amulets strapped to the body. They might have have been used for self-protection.

Reportedly, the charms and amulets are typical of the type used by members of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

According to the source, certain leads including a mobile phone were also recovered from the man’s body.

Two hypotheses

Security forces told This Day that they were working on two hypotheses as to how the bomber planted and detonated the explosive device.

According to the first hypothesis, the suspect may have driven a bomb-laden red Volkswagen Golf car to the Nyanya park and walked away before it exploded.

The second hypothesis is that the bomber may have conveyed the bomb into the park in a large jute bag – popularly known as Ghana-must-go bag – and left it close to the commuter buses.

Either way, however, security forces said that the suspected bomber had conveyed the bomb to its destination and then stayed in the park to await the explosion.

But apparently, he did not give enough distance between himself and the explosive device, and was killed by the impact of the blast.

Yesterday President Goodluck Jonathan visited the scene of the explosion and pointed the finger of suspicion at Boko Haram.

Until now, however, neither Boko Haram nor anyone else has claimed responsibility for the first attack on the federal capital in two years.

Below is a photo of the suspected bomber. Warning: graphic content!

ABUJA EXPLOSION: Security Forces Recover Body Of Nyanya Bus Park Bomber – Sources.
Suspected Abuja bus park bomber. Photo credit: This Day/Arise TV



  1. Nigerian security force with their so called fake hope giving. We all knew and heard that the commuters said about 3 men came down from the buse and disappear into the crowd before the explosives went off. Nigerian security forces as failed all nigerians so theu dont need d jumbo story.

  2. How come this is the suicide bomber, after it is been said that the man dat drove into the park dissappeared, how come this man here, na waoooooo no truth again chaiiiiiii


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