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9 Reasons You’re Still With That Jerk



images (3)  Sometimes it’s hard to know why you’re still with someone who isn’t good for you. Intellectually, you may be saying to yourself, “I need to end this relationship,” but for some reason, you can’t. I’ve heard friends say, “Why can’t I let this guy go?” I’ve said it myself. Beyond the typical practical reasons of, “I can’t afford to live on my own” or “The kids love him” or “We just bought a house together,” there are usually other, much deeper, much more subconscious and insidious reasons — ones you may not even be fully aware of. Here are nine reasons you’re still with that jerk:

1. You’re a “passive” commitment phobe.  Commitment phobes are fairly easy to spot. They are the ones running around trading in their significant others every few months or years, absconding whenever things get too serious or too emotional. Passive commitment phobes, however, are people who are scared of commitment — but won’t admit it. Instead, they inevitably find someone who is scared of it, and then perpetually try to nail down that person in a relationship. It’s a “safe” and more explainable way of being commitment phobic — you can just blame it on the other person and never take responsibility for your own actions.

2. You are grappling with childhood issues. You may be with someone who reminds you of a parent — someone who is emotionally unavailable, someone who treats you badly, or who even abuses you. It may be as simple as someone who is always busy (just like dad was) or who seems to very subtly be rejecting you (just like mom). The dynamics may be “familiar,” but because they’re not exactly the same, you don’t associate them with the way you grew up. But you are determined to “win” this time around. If only you can make this relationship work, then it’s tantamount to making your parents into the ones you wanted. You are fighting a very old battle.

3. You fixate on their good qualities. Let’s face it, few people are bad to the bone. Even the worst people have their tender, loving, caring moments. You latch onto those, fixate on them, and become convinced that those moments are the “real” person. If only X, Y, or Z changed, the person would be loving and caring all of the time, you think — or at least most of the time.

4. You’re focused on the beginning of the relationship. Relationships with “jerks” — i.e. narcissists, sociopaths, emotionally unavailable people, or commitmentphobes — tend to start off wonderfully. People like that can be very charming at first. The change can be so subtle and gradual that you never saw it coming — or it can happen whiplash fast, so fast that you are totally confused and think you must have done something to bring on this change. You become totally fixated on how it was at the beginning, and obsessed with bringing that back. (P.S. It’s not coming back).

5. You won’t face reality. Passive commitment phobes and people who constantly latch onto bad partners often live in fantasyland, not reality. It’s a constant state of, “If only this happened, he would be like this.” “If only I could lose 20 pounds, he’ll stop cheating.” “If only he got a job he liked, he’d be less angry.” If you’re still with a jerk, ask yourself if you are with him, or some “future version” of him and why you think your future version is a basis for a real, right now relationship.

6. The sexual chemistry is there, and it’s turned into real chemistry. You may have gotten involved with someone that, from the get-go, you knew was bad news or at least not your type. But for various reasons — maybe you were bored, lonely, or horny — you decide to engage in a sexual relationship thinking that because this person isn’t what you would want long-term, you can keep it light. Unfortunately, bonding chemicals are your enemy. And sex releases bonding chemicals. Now you’ve developed a very real and deep attachment to someone you probably never liked very much to begin with.

7. He promises to change. If you’ve actually gotten to the point where you want to end the relationship, there’s a chance the other person has suddenly decided he/she will totally change. He may even cry and beg and plead. So you stick around waiting for this promised change to happen — and perhaps it does. For awhile. But changing personality traits and habits is one of the most difficult things in the world to do. People don’t realize how difficult it is. Your lover probably does want to change, and probably thinks he can. Chances are, he can’t. Not unless he wants to for himself (not for you) and he begins taking action to make this happen. A lot of action. Saying it will not make it happen.

8. You’re avoiding something. You have problems that you don’t want to deal with. How much easier is it to spend your time worried about someone else’s problems than your own? And that’s what a problematic relationship gives you — plenty of time to obsess over what someone else is doing wrong than what you are doing wrong.

9. You can’t admit your mistakes. It takes a lot to admit that you chose wrong. Who wants to admit they made a mistake? Whether it’s refusing to fold your card hand or sell your money-pit house or tanking stock, people do not like to admit they misjudged someone or something and would often rather stay in it and try to “fix” it than fold ’em and leave.

Have you ever stayed with a jerk too long?

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Relaxation Of CBD In NFL – An Insight



Why You Should Buy YouTube Views Cheap

There has been a lot of buzz around CBD in recent years, especially in the health and wellness industry.
Many sports associations and players around the world have also recognized CBD as a pro sports

However, one of the most coveted associations- the National Football League, more popularly known as
the NBD had been quite strict in its ban of cannabis related products, including CBD. But in recent times,
there seems to be some good news in store both for eh players and every CBD shop as the association is
considering lifting the blanket ban and allowing players to use CBD, which has become popular for its
medical properties.

What Is CBD?

Before we proceed to understand the decision of the NFL, it is important to understand what CBD is and
how it is different from the other cannabis product. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the primary chemicals
found in the cannabis plant, the other being THC. However, contrary to common beliefs, CBD is not
psychoactive in nature. It does not cause the user to feel ‘high.’ This is because high quality CBD does
not contain even trace amounts of THC, which is responsible for these reactions.

In fact, many recent studies indicate that CBD is an excellent medicine to cure several physical and
mental conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and depression.

Why Do Sportspersons Recommend CBD Use?

If you are into sports and athletics, avoiding injuries is almost impossible. While painkillers may be
helpful in managing the pain, they have numerous side effects on the other organs of the body. That is
why many players and athletes are now in favor of using CBD to manage their pains and injuries.

Sourced from organically grown hemp, CBD helps in alleviating the pain without injuring any other
organs of the body. It is no wonder that players are in favor of using CBD in place of the synthetic drugs
that are available in the market.

CBD For Sleep

For your body to perform its best, it is important for it to be well-rested and rejuvenated. This can only
happen through sound sleep. For many players, who suffer from muscle cramps and injuries, getting
proper sleep becomes a challenge. CBD can be very helpful in those circumstances as well. By soothing
the nerves, CBD helps the body to fall asleep faster and also the quality sleep that it needs.

Good sleep can also help the body in replenishing its worn and torn tissues faster.

The Changes Anticipated In NFL

The NFL, which has one of the strictest policies regarding drug testing, is now considering changing its
policies, especially the ones that are related to CBD. The players who test positive for cannabis will not
be directly suspended from the team. Rather a fine will be imposed on them as per the number of times
that they test positive.

The threshold for testing has also been changed as the players now will only be tested during the first
two weeks of the training camp, in place of the April- August testing policy that was followed earlier.

These progressive changes seem to be a direct result of the changed perception that most people have
regarding CBD today.

It is also worthy to note here that CBD is legal in all the American states, with minor restrictions on the
amount and the concentration of the product. Players are the happiest with this new move as they are
of the opinion that CBD works much better and is far less addictive than the painkillers that are given on
prescription. Even the sports associations around the world are also likely to reconsider their policy on
CBD after this change.

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Actress Osas Ighodaro Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Emotional Post



Actress Osas Ighodaro Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Emotional Post
Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro

Nigerian actress, Osas Ighodaro penned an emotional note via Instagram as she clocked 30-years-old on Monday.

To mark her birthday, the single mother of one posted a monochrome photo of herself as she wished for people to continue praying for those who lost their lives during these turbulent period.

Ighodaro wrote;

“Thank God for another year. Happy Birthday to me. If you know me, you know I absolutely love birthdays but this year it certainly hits different. I’m overwhelming grateful for life and thankful to God to be able to see another birthday bc unfortunately many haven’t and won’t have that opportunity.

I am hopeful for better days for myself, those that I love and hold dear and most certainly for my country Nigeria. I pray for unity, peace, harmony and togetherness. We all deserve it.

My birthday wish is to please continue to pray for those innocent lives lost. Please remain hopeful and focused because I truly believe better days are soon ahead by God’s grace.

Peace, Love and Blessings.”

See her post below:

The actress’ post

The actress’ post

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Exotic Resorts May Be the Best Bet for a Holiday



An exotic vacation usually means exploring a distant foreign country, whilst resorts are places
to go for rest, sport, or which offers a particular speciality, with many resorts being part of a
popular tourist destination or on or near a beach. If you are planning a vacation to an exotic
resort it can be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to a far-flung destination or a luxurious place to
stay closer to home where you can enjoy some pampering.

Why stay at an exotic resort

Exotic resorts often offer all-inclusive vacation deals, along with other options that leave you
to plan your stay more precisely to your own wishes. These resorts offer excellent customer
service, superb accommodation and facilities and are usually to be found in beautiful settings.
Here are some of the best resorts from around the world for you to consider:

Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles
This famous resort has made many feel they have entered Paradise. The gentle ocean breeze
floats up the granite hillside and into your tree-house villa tucked away from the other guests
staying at the resort. This is perfect for encouraging you to relax, either by your private pool
or in the clear blue waters of Petite Anse Bay. Perfect for a romantic stay, there is a Spa for
pampering and the chance for a sunset meal on a deserted beach.

Some enjoy simply sitting on their balcony, gazing at the ocean between reading their book,
sketching or checking out international bookmakers and betting sites for the chance of a
flutter. If you want another type of adrenaline kick, check out the resorts excellent kayaking
and snorkelling facilities, which are recommended by nearly all who try it.

Anantara Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

The ultimate tropical getaway, the Anantara Resort is an award-winning site modelled on a
traditional Thai village and is just three hours drive south of Bangkok. The location is where
Thai royalty and aristocrats have been holidaying for almost one-hundred years. Today, you
can visit historical attractions alongside theme parks and shops as well as vineyards and golf

The resort is set among 14 acres of lush tropical grounds with lotus-filled lagoons and
meandering pathways through exotic foliage, with many rooms overlooking the shoreline.
Each day, chefs prepare freshly caught local seafood alongside Thai specialities. The resort
also has an award-winning spa located within a lagoon-inspired oasis offering you the perfect
opportunity to relax.

Kurumba, Maldives

Kurumba is a well-established resort that opened almost 50 years ago and continues to offer
superb hospitality and contemporary facilities. There are seven speciality restaurants offering
cuisine from Italy to the Middle East as well as Thila, a restaurant which extends out over the
water which offers gourmet breakfasts and seafood dinners.

You can go snorkelling over the nearby reef full of colourful marine life or sign up to a dive
package as part of your stay, or just enjoy a private pool when staying at one of the spacious
villages. There are also deluxe beachfront bungalows offering direct beach access and views
of the crystal-clear waters.

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