5 Fun Ways to Stay Closer to Your Siblings


My childhood memories would be incomplete if I did not mention the times spent with my bossy elder brother. After 14 long years of quarrelling over the pettiest of issues, when the time came for him to leave for his further studies in a far-off city, we realised that we wouldn’t be seeing each other very often. Today, when I sit down to write a Rakhi card to him, I miss him more than ever before.

Living away from your siblings can be one of the most difficult phases in your life. But thanks to technology, you can stay in touch and maintain a healthy and happy long-distance relationship with your sister or brother in more ways than one. Here are some fun ways to enjoy the bond with your sibling if he/ she lives in a different city.

Hello, Whatsapp: You may hate it at times, but you cannot ignore it. Yes, that’s the effect Whatsapp has had in our lives over the past few years. But the best thing about this cool smartphone app is that it lets you create group chats allowing conversations with multiple people all at once! We say create one with your immediate family and stay connected with your siblings and parents at the same time.

Travel buddies: Planning a trip once a year with your brother or sister is a great idea we think. You can either pay each other a visit every alternate year or go on a vacation together. If you ask us, it is also the best way to relive those family vacations that you took when the two of you were kids. Nothing beats ‘travelling’ back in time, isn’t it? :-)

Gifts galore: Gifts are always welcome. For brothers, it can be a greeting card on Rakhi, and for sisters, a customised keepsake. Having said that, don’t turn gifting into a ritual dependent of occasions! It doesn’t have to be a birthday or an anniversary for you to sit up and take note. Instead, surprise them by sending them something they always wanted. Everyone has a bucket list of sorts, you know! ;-)

Family memories: Another great way to stay in touch with your sibling is by sharing family updates with them once in a while. For instance, give them a feel of your granny’s 80th birthday bash by capturing it through photographs and sharing them on Skype or Whatsapp. They wouldn’t feel that bad for missing it. :-)

Treats & more: Well, this one is rather sweet. On your birthday, ask your sibling to treat themselves to a fancy lunch or dinner. The fact that you cannot be together on important occasions can be taken care of by this cute gesture. Make it an annual ritual to celebrate the beautiful bond that you share.


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