2015: S/East Group Endorses Atiku For Presidency

Atiku-Abubakar2Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s perceived presidential bid has received a massive boost from a South-East political pressure group, the Turaki East Alliance (TEA), which urged Nigerians to support his emergence as Nigeria’s next president in 2015.

The group said an Atiku presidency is the panacea to the leadership challenges confronting the nation.

The group noted that its endorsement of the former vice president was based on his contributions to the promotion of unity and religious tolerance in the country.

“He has proved to be a detribalised Nigerian who could be trusted to carry whole country along”, TEA said.

The group’s National Coordinator, Comrade Peter Akubuo said TEA’s endorsement of Atiku was informed by the need to draft a progressive democrat into the presidential race to salvage Nigeria’s democracy.


  1. Turaki East Alliance(TEA) has made a very good choice, Atiku is the man who we all believe will see Nigeria and Nigerians through the problems facing the nation presently. He believe in fairness and equality for all be you a Christian or a Muslim, Northerner or Southerner, which is why a group of young Nigerians from the south-eastern region of the country are strongly behind him despite the fact that he is not from their region. This alone shows how tall he stands above the rest.
    Atiku is still the best candidate for the presidential ticket in APC and the best PRESIDENT we are yet to have..

  2. Correct move East Alliance. Atiku is a great Leader, he is versatile and that is exactly what we need in this age of religious and ethnic divides.

  3. Great choice from the South-East political pressure group, he is a leader with a great sense of liberalism. We believe he has good plan for Nigerians


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