14-year-old Bride Apologises For Killing 35-year-old Husband With Rat Poison 17 Days After Wedding


14-year-old Wasila Umar, accused of killing her 35-year-old husband and three of his friends while injuring many others after she served them poisoned food, in Kano, 17 days after their marriage says she regrets her action.

“Mine was a classical example of youthful exuberance; it dawned on me shortly after that it was a joke taken too far to resolve a forced marriage question”, Wasila, 14, said.

Sobbing as she spoke to Sunday Vanguard at Bompai police headquarters, Kano, where she was being detained, she added: “I have never enjoyed the opportunity of going to Islamic school or acquiring Western education. My father forced me into this mess by stubbornly forcing me into a relationship I was not prepared to live in”.

The girl, who hails from Yansoro- Kademi in Gaya local government area of Kano State, revealed that “though my target was my late husband, I must confess that my blood went cold when I realized I had committed mass murder”.

Wasila is in police custody for killing her husband, Umar Sani and three of his friends on the spot even as 10 others were hospitalized shortly after eating a local meal mixed with rat poison at Yansoro–Kademi, last week.

Narrating how she executed the mass murder, she said, “On the fateful day, my husband’s meal was prepared by the senior wife and put in my room as I was due in fulfillment of his rotational duty in a polygamous setting.

“I obtained the rat poison for just N100 and, at my convenience, mixed it with the local dish prepared for him. When he returned home for the feast, he came with those who were destined to die with him. I was restless but could not stop it from happening.

“I felt normal and slept after the incident but the consequence of my action was clear when I was picked up by the police and I felt cold for the first time”.

She explained that “destiny appears to have played a wicked one on me at this early stage of my life and I would rededicate the rest of my life to sincerely seek Allah’s forgiveness”.


  1. I ve said it b4 that she dont know d diff b/w poison n food: oga police free this girl kagiko! Or I will c the cp over this matter: d disease person die of child abuse: chikena, magana yakare.

  2. 14years old speaking all those grammar, let her speak for her self so as for people to understand what it means to marry a child, a child that can’t differentiate rat poison from salts is whom you are putting words on. Write it exactly our she put it. Word for word and let the world see who is to be blame

  3. Pls stop ABUSING the female children, see what u’ve put the little child into. This is just a lesson for those who see nothing in the abuse of female children. May GOD ALMIGHTY have mercy on u all.

  4. Its a shocking and unthinkable action. There are lessons for all to learn. Parents, never be clouded by your love for material things and push your children in to abuse. A child is a child, but we must never undermin their actins. She really a child but she definitelly knows the difference between poison and food. She bought it for #100. It is a pity and a shame that in this 21th century animals are better than some men. Matured Animal mate matured animals. JUVENILE DELIQUENCE that is what it is called. She will be freed. Be care all!


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