Women Charged For Giving 1-Year-Old 6 Shots Of Vodka To Stop Her From Crying


A 17-year-old Houston mother has been charged with child endangerment after her toddler was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

Houston police say the year-old girl has recovered from the February incident. The child’s blood alcohol level was 0.268 — more than three times the adult legal limit for driving in Texas — after allegedly consuming vodka.

Harris County jail records on Wednesday did not immediately list information on the mother or her 25-year-old sister, who’s also charged with child endangerment.

A criminal complaint says the child’s aunt told police she let the toddler drink some of her alcoholic beverage. Her goal was to get the baby drunk, so the child would stop crying. The two women later dropped the child off at another relative’s home, where the girl began vomiting.

Child Protective Services has placed the girl with relatives other than the two suspects.



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