We Told Jonathan How To Fight BOKO HARAM, But He Ignored Us – Northern Elders

The Northern Elders’ Forum, NEF, has disclosed that it earlier warned President Jonathan on how best to tackle the menace before it worsened to its current state, but the President shunned its advice.

Jonathan Goodluck

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, elder statesman said the national conference would not solve the problem adding:

“Is someone organizing this disagreement so that Northerners will kill themselves? They are trying to divide Nigeria for political reason. But this is bad politics”, he said.

Onongo said there is so much impunity going on in Nigeria, stressing that, unfortunately, some people in government do not like the truth being told.

Speaking on the Boko Haram crisis, he said: “When the crisis began, we brought a bunch of suggestions on how to go about it. Then, we gave him the example of former President Yar’Adua whom he took over from. When Yar’Adua came as president, we had a similar problem in Mr President’s place. Mr President himself was used to go down to his people to talk to them and he managed to get them… We told Mr President right from the onset to take whatever action you can take to bring this thing under control. But the manner in which it was done became unfortunate. It could have been done by just offering them amnesty. But some people now brought religion and ethnicity into it”.


  1. Jonathan is riding high on the crest of religiious politics. The CAN is seriously collaborating with PDP to to turn Nigeria into a Christian state. Jonah has broken the North along religious line by using appointments to woo the North Central. so he doesnt care about what happens in the North East. Everybody can get killed by Boko Haram. Also CAN has ordered Jonah not engage the Boko Haram in dialogue and since he is a religious bigot he takes their order.

  2. The Elders from the Niger Delta Creeks went into the Creeks and convince the Militants to drop their Arms and accept the Amnesty offered by the Yar-Adua Administration, thereby ending a struggle that was targeted at the Goverment and Oil company for abandoning the people and area that produce the Nation wealth. But what have the Northern Elders done since this insurgent begin their campaign of taking innocent lives in the North especially the killing of Christains, how can you Learn Elders compare the Insurgents to the Niger Delta Militants, how many times did Yar-Adua offer the militants amnesty which they accepted, even a Kid knows how many times GEJ admin offer this Terrorist amnesty yet they refused. The Northern Elders should stop decieving themselfs and stop Playing Politics with the lives of people,its well known now that they are part of the insurgency. Stupid Elders…….

  3. What exactly does these confused elders states men want GEJ to do. For christ sake they have bigger role to play in ending this menace, but instead of putting their house in order they pointing finger. Let’s watch & see hw things will play out. Na waooo, born-to-rule cultist.

  4. The problem Nigeria ever had is our president,a prime minister without pragmatic,He knows what to do,He should meet them and speak with them what they need,give it to them.and stop thinkin of third term.


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