Unsuspecting Woman Gets Free Lizard Head With Salad


Robin Sandusky’s sister studies lizards for a living, but it was Robin who got an up-close look at one on Tuesday.

The 31-year-old theatrical agent, who lives and works in Manhattan, told The Huffington Post she purchased a kale salad with avocado and onion from the Guy & Gallard restaurant on 7th Ave and 29th Street and found a severed lizard head tossed in with the greens.

“I’d taken like 15 bites, and I sort of turned it over,” Sandusky said over the phone Wednesday. “I could see the scales and the little lines of the mouth, and the arm hanging off.”

“I could see the grime hanging out the back of its head. It was disgusting,” she added.

She sent the salad back and received a full refund, but won’t be going there again.

“I’m like a jilted lover,” Sandusky explained. “I can’t go back once I’ve been betrayed.”

Guy & Gallard refused to comment when contacted by HuffPost.


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