The Queen Of Malaysia Happy At The Golf Field While The Nation Mourns.

The Queen of Malaysia, her Majesty The Raja Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah, seems to be not really bothered on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 tragedy. 

Despite it has been officially announced that the missing jet crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean with everybody on board dead, the mystery of the incident is still to be unveiled, and the state of the relatives and all the people concerned can be described as depressed.

Search for debris from the plane continues in a bid to bring the relatives of the passengers some closure.

Nevertheless, the queen was pictured enjoying her golf game during the week, while her nation and the world at large mourn.

The photos went viral and caused heated debates. See the images below.

queen_of_malaysia1 queen_of_malaysia2 queen_of_malaysia4
On the other hand, why would a monarch ask for permission if he/she wants to play golf?


  1. Do you people want her to wear sack cloth and put ashes in her hair, to show sadness. Let’s talk educated and act same.


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