Teen Suspended For Protesting School’s Lack Of Homework

It is not often that you hear students complaining about not getting enoughhomework, but when this British student did, he got suspended.

Teenager Aaron Parfitt was recently suspended for two days from Bispham High School in Lancashire, England, after he led at least 40 students in a walkout to protest the high school’s lack of rigor, according to the BBC.

Last year, the school received a failing grade from Ofsted, the British government agency that inspects schools, according to the outlet. Inspectors said the school did not provide adequately demanding math and reading standards.


Parfitt reportedly felt the need to take action against the school’s lack of homework and high staff turnover rates after he failed a math exam.

“I did it because I needed some attention for them to listen,” Parfitt told British outlet the Blackpool Gazette. “Before now I’ve talked to my headteacher, my head of year and the head of maths about problems … I’ve had so many different maths teachers and none of them stop for more than a week.”

According to the outlet, the protest only lasted for a short time before students dispersed.

“This is undoubtedly a challenging time for the school … we continue to work to try to improve teaching standards, [behavior], attendance and punctuality,” Deborah Hannon-Catlow, acting headteacher at the school, told the Blackpool Gazette. “This will not happen overnight but we continue to work with Ofsted, staff, parents and pupils towards gradual improvement.”

Partfitt’s mom, Janet, said she was upset that her son was punished for trying to get a better education.

“I’m absolutely fuming they’ve excluded him because he’s doing the best he can to get a good education,” she told British outlet The Daily Mirror. “He was only trying to stick up for himself and his mates and then he gets told to stay away from the school for two days.”


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