Olamide Talks About His Relationship With His Family

Popular Nigerian Rapper Olamide in a recent interview opens up about his girlfriend, his career and controversial issues in his life.


When asked about his relationship with his family, he revealed that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents and hie is the black sheep in his family.

“I don’t stay at home often; I am just that stupid boy, more of a black sheep. I can’t lie about it but the blood and love is strong. We love each other so much and we still keep in touch but my brother and my sister are closer to my parent. I am the middle child, between my sister and my brother,” he said.

Speaking on marriage, he said God will decide when he’ll get married.

He revealed that he treats his female fans like his girlfriend and his girlfriend is aware of that but he keeps it on the low key. He added that he wasn’t given a private part by God so he’d go around sleeping with everything in skirts.

On his academics “I dropped out of school for music but I intend going back. I will be doing a professional course in South Africa to study Music Business and I’m certain about it. Hopefully in 2015.”

He also revealed that he rarely has time to sleep as he is chasing his dream.


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