My Boyfriend Cut All Ties With Me, What Should I Do? [Advice Needed]

After the pains and disappointments in my previous relationships, I met a guy who promised to love me and care for me. He was so nice and just my kind of guy. He promised to meet my parents and made promises to marry me. At first, I was afraid to really fall in love with him for the fear of him leaving me.


I took the risk and allowed myself to fall in love with him, to believe his promises.

Then I checked his phone and saw all the messages he sent to a strange lady. I tried pretending I never saw anything, but finally decided to ask him in a calm way. He didn’t acknowledge it or deny it. Instead, he cut off all ties with me! He wouldn’t pick up my calls. When I sent him a message askingif it was over between us, he replied yes.

It’s been so hard forgetting him, I must admit. Now I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.


  1. Pls don’t jump into d lagoon, Salos is not alright. Well broken relationship is better than broken marriage. You shold tank God dat it happened now. Jst move on with your life, you ll find d right man. Life is an experience.

  2. there are so many good guys out there. Why must you harm yourself because of one out of million. Get your acts together and you will land in another r/ship. Sometimes many gals would not know their exact market value but will be over valueing themselves, thereby neglecting their male “levels” but going for the ones that would not treasure them. A good number of young men/woman are there “dying” for some one whereas someone else is dying for them. So my dear, wipe your tears away, rise up, look round and you will see someone very close whom you have been ignoring; ther may lie your happiness and satisfaction.

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