Iyanya Speaks About Yvonne Nelson, Nollywood Movies And Directors


Iyanya in an interview with iCampus revealed he is not only ready to act alongside his ex girlfriend but is willing to do anything as long as the money is right.

On whether he will be comfortable with Yvonne Nelson on a movie set, he responded with “I don’t have any problem. I am doing business. I am not here for celebration or family ties. If you want me to do a movie with anybody, pay me and I will do it.”

On Yvonne not wanting to act alongside him for fear of acting sex scene together, Iyanya said; “That’s bullsh-t. Just pay me. If you want me to do a movie or act anything with anybody, pay me. I don’t have any problem. I am doing business. I am not here for celebration or family ties. Pay me for the movie. If you want me to do a movie with anybody from anywhere, pay me and I will do it”.

When asked if he would do a sex scene with her, he said “I didn’t say that oh. It’s you that said it oh. I said pay me oh. Later I go see am for twitter that Iyanya said he will do a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson then the girl go come dey talk nonsense for Twitter. Abeg oh! [General Laughter]”

He also shared his opinion of Nollywood “I respect a lot of directors of some movies I have seen recently. Also Nollywood actors and actresses who have gone into producing their own movies have done well for themselves. But I feel like our stories are too predictable, no disrespect. There’s no suspense. I feel like you can just watch a Nollywood movie that you have never seen or heard of and tell the way it’s going to end before it does. But trust me; if any director partners with me to do a movie, it will be awesome.” 


  1. Iyanya pls leave yvonne Nelson alone , she has moved on, u shuld too. Stop draggin d poor grl back wit all dese ur talks about her. She do bad thin to date u in d first place? Na wa o. I blame her sha, she no for make dat mistake. See as u shuld d spoil her name, sayin she ll be talkin nonsense on twitter. Can u say dis kine thin about Nadia, mercy johnson or genevive? Pls just leave let her find som1 dat ll value her not u!

  2. This Iyanya is not matured at all,i blame d poor girl for falling into ur ‘net’,u re realy immatured,abeg move on as she has done.Baby Man!


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