Is Nadia Buari’s Black Sister Bleaching Her Skin?

Aysha Buari, step-sister of actress Nadia Buari, wants to be like her sister, she has sworn to emulate the success of Nadia as an actress. Even though Aysha has not kicked started her acting career yet, she has already started making public appearances, creating her own style.

Apart from the fact that her messy tattoo easily gives her away, there are rumors that Aysha Buari is now bleaching her skin.

In a recent interview, she stated that she wanted to act. She tried a lot of jobs, but she believes that acting is her world.

“I can make people laugh and sometimes get into character and do some crazy stuff and keep a straight face and my mother will freak out and think it is true. But it is like April fool’s day,” Aysha said.

She also added that she loves her sister. “We had our ups and downs because we went to the same school and that brought up a lot of crazy stuff between us. And people used us against each other and I didn’t like it. But I love all my sisters and my step mothers,” she added.

Knowing how Aysha Buari is, there is possibility that until she reforms her style, she will not been seen with her a lot in public.

This is how she appeared at Friday’s premiere of ‘House of God’
aysha_buari-01 aysha_buari-02 aysha_buari-03



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