‘I Don’t Have Accounts Or Property Abroad… All My Children Live And School In Nigeria


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday declared that he does not own any bank account or property outside Nigeria.

Jonathan made the remark during the swearing-in of the 11 new ministers yesterday.

“I am loyal to Nigeria’s economy. I don’t have accounts or property abroad. All my children live and school in Nigeria,” the president’s Special Assistant on New Media, Reno Omokri quoted him on twitter as saying.

Only a handful of Nigeria’s past leaders have not been accused of stashing looted public funds and buying properties. One of the ‘top looters in the country’s history, Sani Abacha was recently said to still have millions of dollars stashed in foreign banks, part of which the United States on Wednesday ordered a freeze on, amounting to $458 million in assets stolen.

Despite being one of the largest oil producers in the world, poverty rate has been reported at alarming rates for a country of its ‘expected’ wealth, over the years. Corruption, political instability and bad leadership have been blamed for poor infrastructural development, high unemployment rate, epileptic power supply, etc., in the country.


  1. In 2011, he had no shoes when he was in secondary school. now he does not have foreign accounts or properties. all these are campaign gimmicks. nigerians must have learnt not to vote out of pity. as it is today, it woukd have paid off if we voted for someone who had shoes in 2011. We have people who acquired money legitimately and invested both home and abroad. there is nothing wrong in that. it doesnt mean they dont love their country. They are only spreading their business tentacles for maximum yield on investment. What we need mr president to do is to create an enviroment which people will irrestitible to invest in.

  2. Jonathan is the best president Nigeria has ever gotten.l love him and if he contest in 2015 he will win .If men plan against him they will not succeeded . Angels will come down to vote for him , he means well for Nigeria .Watch out

  3. Oma u sufferness and dat of ur unborn has not come. Come 2015, God grace dere will be change of govt. Jonathan must goooooooooooo. We ve suffer enough

  4. Abacha was said to have looted our treasury. we have heard such figures as 500 million dollars and the likes and people exclaim as to how huge the figures are when converted to naira. It is however surprising to note that such amounts as huge as 20 billiion dollars are said to be missing in two years from only nnpc and we think abacha is the biggest thieve in history? or we beleive so because u.s has said so? Does it occur to anyone that this figure is as much as the worth of the richest man in africa? If a thourough scrutiny is done in other revenue agencies in the country, one can only conclude that though the military regimes (all of them put together) were guilty of gross financial misconducts, the most recent democratically elected regimes have actually killed our economy more than ever recorded in history.

  5. Muyiwa shut up your dirty mouth how many of your presidents declare words like this openly and if GEJ is lying they should findout.am not a politician but the character of this man has shown that there men with good hearth in Nig.if your blind, i am not blind, all changes you see in power,aviation,road,agriculture,d railways,health,edu etc it is not Nigerians that fueling d insecurty in the country, So they can label Him black pot. Let me inform u. with or without u GEJ will win again

  6. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for life. How many African presidents past and present including Niaja president can say they own no foreign accounts?

  7. It is funny how people throw needless insults. you can make your point for or against this story or any other without having to attack or abuse anyone on this platform. I still maintain my point; i dont have this or i dont have that as some of us chose to appreciate does not guarantee good leadership.

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  9. D motion is nt base on insult or abuse it just 2 tell hw pple feel if I might right all of us are adult.4 what av seen 4rm GEJ administration he has nothing good 4 naija.during is manifestion @ primary election of PDP “he said he will produce food that no 1 will go 2 bed wt hunger in nig” av he done it? likewise electricity etc,he once said dat he went 2 sch wt out sandal,bag,textbooks,& he read wt lanter,4 GEJ so said that he has told us 2 nt expect electricity throughtout is regime,likewise d rest.ALL my prayer is that We want good,transparent,God fearing leaders who av best things 2 offer nigerians nt looters.GOD BLESS FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.(AMIN)

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  11. In dis life wot ever u do people must comment good or bad Y, Y is it DAT people who don’t understand politics are d people who come out took rubbish like a fool. Mr president has don bring wrong too dis country 4rm all indication he has tried alot n if u think he has don nothing plz I can talk to mr president too step down 4 u than u n ur family will take over if u think DAT sit is easy foooools. Mr president wot u have started God will surely give u d strength too over come every temptation in Jesus name (AMEN)

  12. Instead of u citizens of Nig too be d back bone of ur president u are there castigating ur own country n even ur president, if u say d president is NT good DAT mean u as a person is NT good because Mr president is d head of the state, when d head is NT good d body is NT also good.
    Our problem in dis country is tribalism n it has eating us deeply, An Hausa man don’t wnt too see an Igbo man and an lgbo man don’t wnt too see an Yoruba man. Each other Tribes is an enemy too each other, hw will they be peace in d land.
    lt is time we work out tins out be4 it get out of hand.


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