Comedian I Go Dye Reveals How He Made Money For His Multi-million Naira Mansion

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Comedian I Go Dye is made, and  soon, very soon, he will be completing his multi-million naira eye popping edifice in Benin city. The house structured after Chateaux De Reves has got it all;  a lawn tennis court, two swimming pools, one indoor and outdoor, three kitchens, lounges/bars, a spectacular double stair case in the living room, among other unique facilities is estimated to gulp over $4 million when completed.
Encomium Weekly hit up with him where he revealed how he makes his millions: –
“There is always a reward for hard work and entertainment is not an exception. Most renowned artistes in the country are living based on the remunerations that they get from performances. It is a professional job that offers financial rewards. So, it will be wrong for someone to assume otherwise as if the entertainment industry cannot afford the success surrounding artistes in recent times.
Most high profile comedians like me handle corperate events that don’t enjoy the kind of publicity that the music artistes do. So, most often little is heard most times about how comedians earn their money. Sometimes in a single event some comedians are paid between N2.5 and N4 million. When you then evaluate how many of such performances within 365 days that they will be contracted, then you wouldn’t be too surprised what the average comedian is worth.”
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