Chai!!! Rihanna Throws A Man Out Of Men’s Toilet For A Quickie With Drake..( PHOTO)


Rihanna is bold and bold enough to push a man out of a male restroom at Zouk Restaurant in Manchester on Tuesday so she and her alleged boyfriend Drake could allegedly ‘use it’.

The 26 year old controversial singer was filmed entering the men’s toilet and shutting the door behind her. But she was also caught practically pushing an unknown man out of the toilets to have some privacy.

Reports state that few seconds later, her rumoured boyfriend Drake was also seen entering the same toilet but it’s still unclear whether the couple were inside at the same time.

The rumored couple was also seen looking cosy as they dined together at the same venue, with Drake leaning in close to chat to his date.




  1. Rihanna’s controvercial gist is getting out of hand, Chris Brown is langushing in just because of so called super star. we are getting tired of all this shit from Rihanna, very soon now she’ll get man down.


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