2015: Group To Mobilize Youths For 2 Million-Man March In Support Of Jonathan

jonathan_2015A group known as Youths for Ebele Jonathan, YEJ, weekend, said all is set to mobilize two million youths for the re-election bid of President Goodluck Jonathan.

National Coordinator of YEJ, Chief Robert Opara, made this known at a parley with newsmen after a meeting of the National Working Committee of the organisation.

Opara, who maintained that YEJ was not a sponsored group as widely believed, said its aim was to mobilize over two million young Nigerians, who will stand up and say yes to Jonathan’s second term ambition, adding that over 20 million youths will also be mobilized to vote for the president in the forthcoming general elections.

Opara said: “We are a Non-Governmental Organisation and a pressure group set up to shore up the image of President Goodluck Jonathan with regard to what he has been able to achieve in the country so far.

“The structure of the organisation is world class, because we have more structures than most political parties in the country. Our structures go round the country, we have a unique structural platform that we will use to win this election in 2015.

“At the end of the day we are having over 280, 000 members of the management team of this structure across the 8009 wards, 774 local government areas, and 36 states of this country. Every local government has 20-man management team, every state has 20 managements and 4 ex-officio, and at the 8009 wards we are more than 70 per cent.

“We going out to the states to do formal launch of our state excos, who will be at the vanguard of mobilising other persons for Mr. President’s re-election.

“The 2 million-man march is the biggest project we have and we have concluded plans and arrangements to mobilise 2 million youths to Abuja, and simultaneously across the states we are mobilising 100, 000 youths. We are already in talks with security agencies and transport companies and agencies to provide and produce one bus for every local government to convey them to Abuja.

“We are also going to be negotiating with the electronic television networks and radio networks to cover the event live simultaneously across the country. As we are carrying out this 2 million-man march our structures in London, Europe and America will join us, and virtually on that day, the entire Nigerians in Europe and America, because we believe strongly on what we are doing”.


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