Woman disfigured by huge facial tumour receives full face transplant


A 26 year old Polish woman identified simply as Joanna (pictured above before and after her surgery) has successfully undergone a facial transplant after suffering a severe facial tumor condition known as Neurofibromas, which affected her for many years preventing her from chewing, swallowing and even talking.

The facial transplant surgery which is the second in the history of Poland lasted 23 hours and had skin from other parts of her body grafted to her face. Doctors believe that after the completion of the medical rehabilitation process which is currently undergoing, Joanna should be able to chew, eat and talk again. Joanna says she would love to get educated & study Psychology so she could help others.

Neurofibromas is a medical condition that causes benign tumor to grow along the nerves. It is an inherited disease but could also develop as a result of gene mutation. See more photos below.


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