Why Some Northern Elders Pulled Out From ACF To Form NEC – Ex-Minister

NEFA former Minister of State for Agriculture, Dr. Jonah Madugu, has disclosed that some northern elders decided to withdraw from the apex pan-northern socio-cultural organization, Arewa Consultative Forum to form the Northern Elders Council because the ACF has outlived its usefulness

Madugu decried what he described as the ACF’s penchant for not seeing anything good in any government and its policies unless the administration is led by a northerner.

The former minister, who made this known in Jos, Plateau State, on Monday, particularly faulted elders from the North-West zone for their “strident and unrelenting criticism of the government of President Goodluck Jonathan”.

According to him, what the elders from the North-West wanted was to continue to dominate the political landscape adding that the North had not benefitted from the long years northerners ruled the country.

Madugu said, “Some of us are tired of their antics because what they revel in is in criticising the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. They never see any good in any government. I am particularly pissed off with Prof. Ango Abdullahi, whose utterances are always self-serving.

“This country has to move forward. We cannot allow some group of people, just because of some selfish interests to continue to drag us behind. Jonathan has done well for this country and we want him to continue in 2015.

Madugu said that NEC was ready to sell Jonathan’s candidacy to the North if he decides to run for a second term, and advised whoever is interested in the presidency to wait.


  1. Dr. Jonah Bagudu i can see the paymaster(jonathan) has sent u a payment proposal which u are definately going to consider taking, well you are of no use to this country bastard

  2. Suleiman or what ever you called your name, stop abusing the man he has said the truth and Nigerians stand by him north west never sees anything good from GEJ.
    So my friend it is time to think about Nigerians and not the interest on the north.


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