Valentine’s Day: Single or Coupled, It’s Up To You To Make It Rock

frightened galSixty two percent of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day, both single and coupled adults. The holiday comes with added stress if you are single and want to live up to the hype of romance and love. Suggestion for you single moms, don’t allow yourself to be victimized by on over-commercialized “holiday.”

As an aside, did you know that 50% of women surveyed would leave their boyfriends if they didn’t get them anything for Valentine’s Day? At first I thought that shallow but then I remembered the Valentine card my ex gave me when we were dating. “Happy ‘VD’ Day” should have sent a loud and clear message about what direction that relationship needed to take. We live and learn!

Make it a great day and do so without inventing a Valentine or, sending yourself flowers from your faux love. Seriously!!



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