Rihanna Compares Her One-Off Crush Lips To A Leather Couch + The Guy Is Proud Of The Comparison


Superstar singer — Rihanna, has this thing she does on Instagram where she posts a photo of her #MCM(Man Crush Mondays).

Usually, Rihanna puts up hot guys but to the dismay of fans and critics, she posted the photo above as her MCM.

The funny thing was the fact that the photo was merged with a photo of a leather couch.

Rihanna received severe backlash with many calling her racist; however, the guy who is an aspiring rapper who goes by MC Moeblak was contacted and is very happy Rihanna compared his lips to a leather couch.

He says, “My lips are black as s**t. At least they’re black as s**t and famous now.Now I hope people want to know what comes out of [his lips]. Hopefully she will want to collab with me and do music.” Lol no publicity is bad in showbiz


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