Residents Killed Every Day By Fulanis In Benue State, (Warning: Graphic Content, 18+)


Suspected Fulani Muslisms are killing residents of Benue State on a daily basis while the authorities ignore the distress calls and do nothing to stop the genocide. A reader from Benue State, sent a disturbing report in, accounting for current state of affairs.

WARNING: This report contains GRAPHIC IMAGES. Viewers discretion is advised.

According to our reader, there has been a state of war and mayhem in Benue State for about five months now, and Nigerians are being ill-informed about the whole situation.

Mr. Brian says that, although some say it is a crisis between the two ethnic groups of Fulani and Tiv, in reality, it is Muslims who want all Christian faithful to be converted to their faith. The genocide does not involve the Tiv people alone, as other ethnics groups in Benue State are affected, too. The atrocities are being carried out throughout the state on daily basis.

There are rumours of the Muslims planning to start a Jihad [struggle in the way of God] war.

The most affected area in Benue State is Gwer West LGA.

State and local authorities, Mr. Brian laments in his message, have totally neglected people from there. The police are ignoring numerous distress calls from the residents. No military forces are sent to the affected places, and the attacks are not covered by the media.

The State Government, Mr. Brian says, is even suspected of backing the jihadists and supporting the genocide.

Jihadist Fulanis hunt their victims on the main road that connects Makurdi and Naka. Any vehicle or person coming along the road is shot. The thugs would also scare and intimidate local villages, then come back and burn down the houses.

Mr. Brian pleads with the Federal Government to come to the aid of people of Benue State, or else an entire area of the Gwer West LGA would be wiped out.

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES below. Viewers discretion is advised.

The photographs below were taken on February 18, 2014, in Naka, Gwer West LGA of Benue State. The bodies are of the victims to the latest brutal Fulani jihadists’ attack.
benue_state_remains_1 benue_state_remains_4


  1. it saddens me a lot knwing dat Benue state govt dos notin about killing of the tiv and Idoma piple, d situatn is as terible in gwer as it is in Agatu wr many has lost dier lives, lawlessness in the state yet no one talks about it. Tomoro dey’ll ask us 2 com and vote 4 dem. Fulani piple wnts war and dats y boko haram keep killin piple on daily bases…our govt has failed bot at d fedral nd state level. The piple of Benue state must com 2geda and find a lasting solution 2 dis…we do not have a govt so let’s stop waitin 4 one 2 cm and save us

  2. @ Mr Brian and Pizzy.its such a pity that our beloved country has now bn infiltrated by hatist and dumbos.The Fulanis by nature are not Jihadist.their way of life,dressing and culture clearly shows that.And those that are calling Boko Harams Fulanis are not only stupid but ignorant.

  3. it’s being happening like these for some time now and govt. is not doing anything about it, rather they’r setting up useless committees as if the fulanis sets up committees before coming for the killings; when we retaliates then the govt. will start singing to high heaven that Tiv people likes fight. we’r watching.

  4. Gr8 ppl of Benue, it has reached peak to which one can bear, please if u guyz have any way of dealing wif dis evil men, just do it 4 they have called 4 war n notin more.


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