My Husband Slept With My Younger Sister

This is the story of a woman whose husband had sex with her younger sister and she is being blamed for the act. She wants to know if it was her fault that her husband decided to sleep with her sister.


Dear Readers,

My husband and I were having marital problems, we were the parents of 2 young toddlers. My kid sister was always getting herself into minor trouble and would always end up staying at our house. My husband and I were not getting along very well, and things had gotten pretty bad, so we had separated yet again, but we always seemed to find our way back to each other.

Well this time while we were separated my kid sister (who was well aware of our problems, and was actually part of the problem, because my husband did not want her staying with us all the time, but I would always take her in) and my husband got together and had sex.

They took some pretty disgusting sex pictures and left them in my pocket book for me to find. My husband and I reconcilled, but I could not get over the fact that he had sex with my sister, so we have separated for good. Good riddance.

Now the problem is, my sister wants to blame me for her having sex with my husband because I put her in the middle of our fight. I would like to have a relationship with my sister, but I will not and cannot accept the blame for her having sex with my husband. Who is to blame?????


  1. Dear writer m sorry 2 saY d@ woman re causes For 90% breakups in our modern generation & ur case is NT different,for d fact ur husband do ve problems wit u bcos of ur kid sista stays wit u den I blame d both of u 4 letting ur sista knw ur marriage isn’t @ peace cos she’s a stranger so long as marriage is concerned it shws u guys dnt ve secrets ,u shud knw wht he was avoiding & in d other wht he’s securing
    . Dear take heart pickup d courage appolize 2 ur husband & settle ur differences wit ur sista no matter wht.

  2. Should I say sorry 4 wht u got urslf in 2?woman I think u hv a gr8ter blame,1,for letin ur sista in 2 ur matrimonal home knwn full well dt she alwys got her in trouble all d time.2,u look like 1 who is sturborn by dsrespectn ur husband evn whn he sayd he doesn’t wnt ur sista 2 stay wit u guys bt u nvr matter hw u loved ur family,ur husbnd should b luvd above ur husbnd u took it 2 far,sleepn wit u wife sista will only brng doom on u,nd societally u hv no integrity as a husbnd,father,uncle u did seriously wrong ok!.to dt gud 4 notin sista of urs her life is already in shamble,she’s doomed 4 life.all she needs Now is JESUS in her life.evry1 is 2 b blame in 1 way or d other.thnks

  3. Is ur younger sista a small girl? So y wld she blame u for her own fault? Pls leave d man alone and forgive ur sista, den continue wth ur life

  4. Why would people get into self deceit. Woman! You are now asking for counsel from people, meanwhile, you never respected the ones you were given from onset by the people who wedded you, if at all you did. You have told us your own side of the story and never believed it neither because what you are now facing is the product of your making. You provided the allowance and your good for nothing husband swallowed your gullible but dangerous hook “your sister” Women learn. Men watch.

  5. Hi writer, the main problem is husband & ur self, u suppose to use sit-in solution, it was big mistake ur ccta nows ur secret stories

  6. No you are nt to blame husband is because the thing In between his legs could nt be controled his a fool and as for that ur sister God will punish her


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