Military’s Approach To Ending Insurgency Will Not Work – Junaid Mohammed

Boko Haram emir Abubakar Shekau makes his first major video appearance

Second Republic lawmaker, Dr Junaid Mohammed has stated that government’s military approach to end insurgency in the North-East will not solve the crisis but rather escalate it.

He also said government needs to approach people who understand the activities of the insurgents, irrespective of their political beliefs or positions to help dialogue with the sect.

Mohammed was reacting to the latest killing which left over 100 people killed in various villages in both Borno and Adamawa states.

According to him, the military approach has been counter-productive from all look of things and there is need for continuous dialogue with the group.

His words: “For four years now, I have been at the fore-front of calling government to dialogue with the Boko Haram leaders because various experiments carried out have shown that military approach will not help in solving insurgency in the North-East.

“I do not believe in the military mission and the way Federal Government has dealt with the situation is not the way to go because it seems they have exhausted all military tricks they have, yet innocent people are still being killed on daily basis in Borno and Adamawa states”, he said.

He added: “I think government needs to approach people who understand this sect better because if they continue with the military onslaught in the North-East, it is going to lead to more death and destruction of lives and property”.

He, however, took a swipe at a statement credited to the new Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh giving ultimatum that Boko Haram must be wiped out before the end of April this year.

He said: “It is unfortunate that the new Chief of Defence Staff has decided to follow the path of his predecessor in office by boasting and giving deadline, he is destined to fail.

“If we continue like this, this insurgency might take a decade”.
He, however, maintained that dialogue will bring about the lasting solution to the insecurity if government is being sincere.

“I think it was high time we realized the insecurity in Nigeria is currently facing is a national problem and not North-East alone and men of goodwill, irrespective of political affiliation, must come to the aid of government to discuss ways of ending the crisis”, he advised. [Vanguard]



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