Meet Man Who Spent 10,000 Pounds To Look Like The Devil

Some people have millions to look like their favourite celebrity, or to look younger or more sexy but one man chose to spend his money to look like the ‘devil.’

Diablo Delenfer has spent £10,000 slowly transforming himself into a traditional image of the devil so he could become ‘The Devil Man.’


His journey began in 2007, when he had two Teflon implants put into his forehead to give the appearance of horns. This was followed by his fangs, before he had his tongue forked – a procedure he describes as “interesting”.

He then went on to have his entire face tattooed, had his ears formed into a more pointy shape to give a more devilish image.


The riskiest part of his transformation was having his eyes tattooed – a procedure that carries a risk of blindness if the cornea is punctured.

The most shocking part is that Diablo has endured all of this without any anesthetic.


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