Man Strips Off, Drinks 2 Live Goldfish With Vodka To Take Part in Contest

Ben Elphick was accused of animal cruelty after sinking a cocktail of spirits with a fishy chaser to take part in the online craze.


A dog handler was accused of cruelty after swallowing two live goldfish in a bizarre NekNomination video.

For his entry into the bizarre online video craze, Ben Elphick is shown stripped to his boxer shorts, before preparing a cocktail of vodka, tequila and a pre-mixed snowball.

He then reveals a plastic bag with a live goldfish swimming around in it – which he pours into the glass.

After necking the fishy cocktail, the camera pans to reveal a second fish in a glass of water, hidden under a baseball cap.

He’s shown downing the second fish before belching and nominating three friends to take part in the online drinking challenge.

Friends commenting on Elphick’s video described it as “heroic” and “superb” – but not everybody was impressed.

One commenter accused Elphick – who says on his Facebook page he has worked as a dog handler – of animal cruelty for using live fish in the bizarre stunt.

“You may think oh well, it’s just two fish. Fish get eaten all the time,” said Jaymie-leigh Weeks.

“Yeah, but they don’t get killed the way you just killed them, giving them a slow, probably agonizing death.

What makes you think you have the right to torture an animal like this?”

Elphick responded suggesting there might have been some trickery involved in the video, saying: “At the end of the day, why would a magician reveal his secrets? Swallowing a fish and bringing it up will cause no pain to a fish.”

The NekNominate craze – thought to have originated in Australia – has come in for heavy criticism from alcohol awareness charities for promoting dangerous levels of binge drinking.

It has already been linked to the deaths of two young men in Ireland, and people appear to be striving to find increasingly extreme ways of completing the challenge.


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