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“LASU Is For All, Not The Rich Alone” – Desperate Students Protest



Students chantings songs of solidarity and waving placards saying “LASU is for all not the rich alone,” rallied today in Ogba, Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State to protest the recent massive tuition hike at the University.


The coalition, which included representatives of the Save Lagos State University (SAVELASU) group, Education Rights Campaign (ERC), unemployed graduate students and student union members, marched through the International Press Centre along Dideolu Court, Ogba calling for the immediate reduction of all LASU fees and the re-opening of the University.

Speaking shortly after their protest, National Coordinator of the Education Rights Campaign (ERC), Hassan Soweto said, “We…will continue to protect…education in Nigeria, not only in Lagos State University. We have been deprived of quality education in this country due to obnoxious policies of the state and our corrupt leaders.”

Lagos State University has been closed since January 23 following a protest when hundreds of students halted second semester examinations over tuition hikes.

Student tuition increased from N25,000 to N350,000 making Lagos State University the most expensive state-owned University.

University administrators have threaten to charge students the cost of repairing damages to the University which occurred during the protest.

ERC’s National Coordinator Soweto warned against this decision saying it might cause a riot and unending grievance in the school, saying,

“We are calling on all Lagosians and well-meaning Nigerians, LASU students – who believes that education is a right not a privilege to form a force against the cabal that wishes to price education out of the reach of the downtrodden.”

Other leaders and members of the coalition said they plan to take their campaign and peaceful protest to the Lagos State House Assembly on Tuesday, February 18th and submit a petition.

The petition, they said, would demand the re-opening of LASU, a call to reverse the tuition hike and re-start a registration portal for students to conclude their registration.

The petition would also ask the Lagos State Government to properly fund education and install democratic management at the University, and comply with UNESCO recommendations that 25 percent of the State’s annual budget should go into education.

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#EndSARS: FG not showing any real intent to make things right – Falz



#EndSARS: FG not showing any real intent to make things right – Falz


Falz, real name Folarin Falana, has become a voice that captions societal happenings succinctly and to high praise from Nigerians

#EndSARS: FG not showing any real intent to make things right – Falz

Singer Folarin Falana aka Falz has said in any sane society, the Inspector General of Police would have resigned following the numerous cases of human rights violations perpetrated under his leadership.

Falz said this during an interview on Arise TV today October 19.

”It is unfair to the lives that have been lost to tell us to get off the streets. It is extremely unfair. It is terrible of any humanbeing, without justice being done, to tell people to get off the street. I completely disagree with that. I would say if you want people off the street, make sure that justice is done and in a way that is transparent.

Which one of those points really needs time? If we are honest with ourselves, which one of the points on the 5 for 5 agenda really needs time? You really need time to release all arrested peaceful protesters or you really need time to make sure that justice is done and appropriate compensation? What real actions have been shown? What real actions have been taken to show that you are serious about doing this?

Look how long they dragged their feet even before they created the state by state panels. Look at how long it took? They are not even showing any real intent to make things right. They are not.

For example, nobody has been sacked. In any sane society, the Inspector General of Police would have already resigned by himself. Is he waiting to be sacked?

All these stories of horrible violation of human rights happened under him” he said.

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#EndSARS: Youths are entitled to peaceful protests – Buhari



Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has warned against criminal elements hijacking protests across the country.

The President who noted that youths are entitled to a peaceful protest in a meeting with the Minister of Youths and Sports Development Mr Sunday Dare, vowed to implement reforms he promised.

Speaking to state house correspondents after the meeting with President Buhari, the Minister pleaded for more time to enable the federal government implement some demands of the #EndSARS protesters as promised.

Dare said;

“Mr. President said the youths of this country have spoken and he has heard and he has since gone to work for the youths of our country.

“The President promised that he will ensure that the reforms he has promised are met, he will make sure that the reforms are long lasting and that the reforms will deliver for our country a police force that we will be proud of

“He appreciates the fact that they have brought the SARS issues to the fore through their peaceful protest.

“He recognises the fact that they have called upon the government to do what is necessary and that as the President and a father, he will make sure that the demands as put forward are met.

“The President said that as far as he is concerned, it’s important to allow the younger generation to exercise the freedom to protest and make sure that such protest is in a peaceful manner.

“He said that part of the demands that were made is to make sure that those protesting are protected and that any police officer that has in one way or the other attacked any protesters be brought to book.

“So the President thinks it’s a fundamental right, he thinks so long as the protest is peaceful and focused.

“He believes that the youths of this country have the right to demand for certain things”

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Man shares an ugly experience he had with his ex-lover



A man has taken to Twitter to share an ugly experience he had with his ex-lover.

According to Twitter user, Black Excellence, his ex lover tore all his certificates including work contracts and company documents.

Sharing a photo of his shredded certificates, he advised men to be careful of the kind of lady they hook up with.

He however did not mention what ensued between them which made her tear up all his certificates.

“This day is still fresh on my mind like it was yesterday. Just make sure the type of lady you get has something between their ears.

All my documents, kcpe,kcse,undergrad and Mba, birth certs,work contracts, company documents etc”

See his tweet below;

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