Irate Youths Kill ECWA Pastor, Burn Church In Katsina

policeA pastor with the Evangelical Church Winning All, ECWA, Dike Okocha, was yesterday killed by irate youths in Kankia town in Kankia local government area of Katsina State over an alleged murder of six-year-old girl, Fatima Yusuf.

The mob also set both the church and the pastor’s house ablaze.

It was learnt that the little girl until had been declared missing for four days, until her lifeless body was discovered close to the residence of the pastor.

The remains of the six-year-old were found mutilated, with her private parts removed.

The youth mischievously concluded that the act was carried out by the pastor since her body was dumped close to his house and attacked him.

Pastor Okocha, 50, was reportedly rescued and rushed to the hospital for treatment to his wounds, but his attackers traced him to the hospital where they killed him and set his corpse ablaze.

Confirming the unfortunate incident to journalists, State Police Commissioner, Muhammad Hurdi, said the attackers presumed the pastor to be the killer of the girl and so, took the laws into their hands by setting him ablaze.

Hurdi said the Eze Igbo of Kankia, who was at the residence of the pastor at the time of the attack, barely escaped, as he was also attacked by the rampaging youths, adding that the Eze’s properties were set ablaze by youths who removed his properties and set it on fire.

“It is unthinkable to assume that the pastor having killed the girl for whatever purpose, would go ahead to dump her body near his house. This is the work of some mischief-makers who wanted to create the impression that the pastor committed the crime. But we will investigate the matter to bring perpetrators to book”, Hurdi enthused.


  1. I will always say this…North is not a place to live freely. Muslims are not people u can rely on as friends, I’m serving here in the North, I can’t wait to pass out. I was in the car with some muslims a week back, heading to my place of primary assignment, not knowing I understand Hausa. They kept insulting Christians. Muslims are not people to dine with. They hate Christians and I have 101 proves. They just looked for opportunity to kill d Pastor, set the Church ablaze and also his house. The next thing will be ‘crises’ among Christians and muslims. Exactly wat they are hungry for.

  2. may his gentle soul rest in peace.To me the kill the pastor not because of the lifeless body of the six years old girl, but just that he is an ibo man. while there useless brothers are in ibo land behaving any how they feel like without been day the story will change.God bless Igbo land.

  3. nigeria with diversified problems, ranging 4rm mediocrity of those graduate without knowledge like Phil, religious and ethnicity bigots like Oli, follow by d stupidity of boko haram and criminality of frustrated youths.
    then tell me d way out of dis complicated problems.
    it’s has become d norms of some christian southerners to be blaming every wrong deed of a mischievous northerner on all and particularly dia religious belief, islam.
    i believe there would be peace in nigeria only wen we judge nd condemned people individually based on their stupidity instead of unwise generalizing wich can also incite us against one another.
    lets be wise!

  4. @Ayo, u have clarified dem. Dose dat hv ears let dem hear. Hatred can not take us anywhere. Islam would remain 4ever no matter what u do. It was there b4 u were born nd u will die nd leave it. God bless Nigeria.

  5. @shait,U re biased,this is what we re facin as indigene christian in the north.Iliteracy is the order of the day,pple are easily desived into violence or protest in the name of religion.There has never been a time christian in north attack moslems is always set up.GOD will judge who judge by takin and destroyin what they can not create.Pastor RIP with the lord.

  6. their ( christians) agenda is to blackmail muslims and make islam unacceptable to everyone, even to d future generations. but God in his infinite mercy shall not make them successful.
    if not, why must we condemn d entired adherents of islam just because of d stupidity of some people ( boko haram members inclusive) 4rm a particular region (north), whereas many people 4rm d south even many christians supposed men of God are committing atrocities on daily basis, then who blamed it on christianity as a whole?
    am just imploring my fellow muslims brothers and sisters to guide against evil and brace up (mentally and intellectually) against d enemies of our religion.
    they shall not succeed!

  7. Its quite appallin d situation we find ourselves in in dis country Nigeria. Instead of UNITY d drum is soundin DISINTERGRATE! DISINTERGRATE!! Killin wit impunity has become d order of d day. Imagine an unbelievable reason 2 take sum1s life hw on earth could a man who killed sum1 b so daft on d choice of place 4 d disposal (unbelievable) n how comes after rescuin him in d 1st assault dey were able 2 trail him 2 d hospital 2 accomplish their mission. where were d security operatives? very shameful. This is an indication dat d 2015 election is goin 2 b hell, goin by d hate inspired killins in d north. GOD HELP US ALL!.

  8. Ayo, I’m utterly disappointed with you. Instead of condemning the dastardly act of the brain-washed youths-or keeping quiet as an alternative, you are verbally attacking somebody else. Don’t worry. The same will be meted out to somebody close to you and you’ll feel the pains just like the family of the late man of GOD.

  9. ayo, shot up!!!! i am not a religion man but no one condemn islam is your religion and your heracy teaching that condemned you all, i took time and read about mohamed the i understood is a man send by devil to deceive people to hell, unlike jesus who was pesercuted and faced all kind of pain but endured to dead, mohamed was alwas fighting and taking children for marriage, if you asumed mohamed was send by God then also asumed aduf hithler of germany was sent by God too, because there if not differe between him and mohamed in their forceful action, how foolish are you to believe when you die terorizing other people the 7 virgin will be waiting for you in heaven, does the spirit have emotional feeling to marry, if those countries like afganistan, iraq , pakistan and others who accepted islam as their governmental religion are in hell on earth the if then the whole world accept islem the earth will turn to hell fire, how stupid is for you to believe a man who married 9 years old is send by God, dont you know in everything there if always catterfit, islam is a catterfit religion from devil to get many to hell, God is too merciful and great to use mohamed, only devil does things like that and force people, the same way people are forece to serve an ido in those days, you know very well that islam is an heracy and catterfit of the right religion , only few muslim does not lie, i got to know that most of you are thought how to lie and defend islam in mosque because you dont preach God but just your the fake religion call islam, if you know God you will know God is love, not killer or destroyer, not liar as you as your mallam and affa does, some of you know the truth but you are afraid to quit because of the persecution you will pass through.

  10. Ignorances cuts thru party lineS… Sorry religious lines.. A fool is a fool. ether he goes to the mosque on friday or goes to church on sunday.. Most people ive either never cross to the other corner the country to do their own assessment of the status quo. Islam never preaches violent neither christianity. Remove the scale over your eyes and see the bigger picture. #wakeupnaija

  11. its a pity that even the educated muslims will always want to dissociate islam from all these evil acts. its not just possible for all these islamic counties in tumoil to be wrong about their belief. An average muslim is naturally irritated by other religion even though they dont show it. no muslim that do not support killing for their so called allah or mohammed . some of them will not want to voice it out bcos they are scared of the implications. if not as christians are strong they would have islamise this country long time ago. you muslims will have to accept this facts and refrain from any form of assault, there is no justification for killing for ur god even if mohammed is insulted the nost terrible insult that you can ever imagine. there are times in the bible too that people punished and killed for God, but today we are civilised enough to leave every thing to God. And for the killed Pastor you dont need a sane man to tell u that it was a set up

  12. I challenge who so ever that said the pastor is innocent in the matter. I was in kankiya some hours after the incident happened,the girl in question was declare missing after they finish moulud rally(Prophet Muhammad) birthday celebration. So after intensive search the mutilated body of the girl was found inside the main house of the when it was discovered the angry mob went ahead and clinch him after he conpense. Then about burning the Church nobody go near it. I personally saw the house on fire.

  13. Do not generalised ur opinion on Muslims rather than calling a spade a spade, killing is unfortunate and act worthy of condemnation from every normal human being. A couple of months ago, a trailer driver incidently killed an igboman at ibosi near onitsha but the innocent Hausa traders paid for his senseless act, their shops and other livelihoods were burnt in retaliation to what the driver did. The issue of reprisal attack is a nationwide problem. It’s there in the north, East and West.


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