I’m Scared To Date Any Guy Because I Feel All Men Are Cheats & Heart-breakers

This is a story of a young girl who needs your sincere advice on her an issue bothering her.


I am a 24-year-old young, beautiful and hardworking lady who is not in any relationship because of fear of being hurt.

Its not like am not a good person or have a bad character as a matter of fact I know I have a lovely personality that will attract people to me.

But the thing is I just can’t date any guy because I believe all men are cheats and heart breakers and as such I don’t want any guy to hurt or break my heart. Hence, my reason for still being single. Now I think my beliefs is holding me down and preventing me from having a serious relationship.
I had to share this because in the last eight months, I have had more admirers than ever.
I’m so confused because I don’t know where to start from let alone how to go about dating because I don’t want to be hurt.
How can I convince myself that I won’t get hurt?

Dear readers what advice would you give this young girl?


  1. My dear sister, I must be frank with that no man or woman is an angel. Though many guys takes the little chance offered them by the unsuspecting lady that dreamd good for him.
    I will want you to understand that as we have such in men, so it is in women too cause I am a victim too. I don’t want to be afraid of men because one Mr.A or B have hurt badly in the past. God ve a reason for anything happening to you and who are u to question God? If u believe in God and what God can do, go to him in prayer cause I know He made them man and woman in the beginning and so there is a man out there waiting for u.
    But remember you are contributing to what is happening cause u ve given the devil a chance to prove to u that no man is good for u. If u don’t mind, can I ask u a question? Can u proof to ur self that u are the best in all ramification of life and have not hurt a soul before? What ever ur anser will make u know that there is a second chance for every thing in life. Please my dear, true love still exists till date and u must believe me that life is all about lessons and we must keep learning till we leave this mother earth.
    I wish u the best u wish ur self and its my prayer u give it a try and see if u will not mail me soonest letting me know of ur new found love and Happiness.

  2. It pretty weird for u to keep such thought in mind. U should always believe the best will com ur way? Bcos they say some men r cheats does not me all? If u want a gud man that wil lov an respect u jus d way wanted? To me the best way to do it jus pray an blieve that they are gud men out there? In as much as u believe in ur heart so shall u have it? Don’t conclude yet. There r stil beter men who wil lov an respect u 4 who u r, nt wat u r?

  3. Experience remains the best teacher. Besides, everything happens in life for specific reasons. My dear, life itself is rough and a huge lesson at that also. Take your time, be prayerful, calm, less anxious, and above all, continue to have selected friends. Stay blessed dear!!

  4. My dear sister all you need is God intervention and don’t follow people say theirs is know responsible men or women nowadays. If you say you want to close your eye to allow bad people to pass, you may not know the time the good people will pass. We men and women we are the bird of the same feather, let me share my experience with you sister, I started dating this girl going to 3years , I spent all what I have on her both in education and her home, even her mother know we are dating each other, In nut cell, The girl finished her education, Is time to introduce her husband and her father told her she should not bring muslim to his home because he was a christine and he don’t want his daughter to marry to muslim and I don’t have any girl except her, Ok put yourself in my shoe, if it is you what do you do?

  5. My dear…the truth about relationship in Nigeria to be precise is that everyone want to date different people at the same time…both guys and the ladies are in the same shoes….for example there is this girl i have been dating for almost 4 and half years now told that she is not ready to date one guy forever. We later broke up few months back….so my advice is this if you are ready to go into relationship don’t ever think about anything… For more help or advice…..but am still single oooo you +601126932908 .We can have more time to talk about this…believe me when you decide to let go of those taught you will meet the man you want but don’t take the steps so fast and easily let it come….tryna make the call

  6. My dear, I just found myself in ur shoes. My heart has been shattered 2ce, infact, we broke up just few days ago. As much as am heartbroken @ d moment, I still bliv there is someone out there who is meant 4 me and I will not allow him win by not giving love a chance in my life. I deserve to be happy bcos I have never made someone unhappy. My dear just open ur heart and never cease 2 pray. Ask God 4 d right man and also ask that ur broken hrt be mended and healed. It is well dear.


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